modern reader

Feedly RSS Reader app with modern Windows 8 UI for productivity. Feedly/Google account required. Purchase the app to remove advertisements.


  • 3 Pane view with multiple themes (Creamsicle, Bubblegum, Classic, and Midnight)
  • Common actions such as mark read / unread, star / unstar, and mark all read
  • Some advanced features such as add / rename / remove feed / rename folder
  • Full screen / portrait / snap UI
  • Live tile, share source
  • Expand/collapse folders
  • OAuth Feedly/Google login
  • 3 text sizes to assist reading
  • Web view (experimental) for feeds with little/no content
  • Sort by newest or oldest
  • View unread only or all items.

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21 February 2015

First of all, it has bugs where image won't show properly. The UI is similar to nextgen reader or the Microsoft mail app. Now the lacks of feature: 1. NO "READ FULL ARTICLE" FEATURE. 2. Limited customisability, only change font and theme! 3. Limited setting, you can not choose how old you want to sync, or how many posts you can sync. 4. The side navbar is way to text based, no favicons for site. there is no advance feature whatsoever :(


3 January 2015

Show full article doesn't work even you check download


18 December 2014

Some items have the images huge, so that you have to scroll just to see what it's an image of.


14 December 2014

All of my feeds default to show they're read when they aren't.


13 December 2014

It requires a live tile preview with the unread feed counter.


7 September 2014

Undistinguished feebly reader. I guess if you like orange you might go up a star. Veen and Readiy might be better options otherwise.


15 July 2014

Great App and its free


1 June 2014

Absolutely love this app and its versatility!


18 May 2014

Looks like a good app, but the web view (which I use in order to see and post comments on various blogs I follow) is broken. Instead of a web page it shows only a small square in the top left corner of the web view pane, within which is the web page is displayed. Could it be a bug for Hi DPI laptops? Another suggestion -I don't think there's a need to show the name of the feed in every single item in the second pane. I can see which feed I'm reading in the first pane. A headline is enough. Showing both the feed source and the article title in every single item makes it much less readable. Otherwise it looks like a really good app!


28 February 2014

This was a very good reader up until the latest update. It now crashes almost immediately upon startup. I tried contacting support with my issue, but after two days, I haven't gotten a reply to my e-mail. Looking for a replacement now. If it works for you, use it. If not, tough luck?

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