Molar Mass

A simple, yet elegant Molar Mass Calculator. This simple, fast, and beautiful application will assist any student, or chemistry professional in calculating the molar mass, or mass percentages of a given compound. It also has the capability to recognize elements by their symbol or their name, and features a useful periodic table of elements tool. This app does not collect or store user data. Network access is used only for displaying images. -Fixed molar mass of [K] Potassium -Removed ads


  • Calculates the molar mass or a given compound
  • Calculate the mass percent of each element of a given compound
  • Look up an element by it's name, or it's symbol
  • Highlight individual elements on the periodic table of elements
  • Search Wikipedia for more information on any element or coumpound with one tap or click.

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13 April 2015

Idk how to submit bugs to developer but if u can read this here is one. Typing in Li with the on screen keyboard crashes the program. Idk about using a regular keyboard.


20 December 2013

I was thinking about making one of these until I saw yours. What could make it better is an interactive periodic table. I was thinking you press Hydrogen and in a bar bellow 1.01 shows up then you click on Cl and it will show HCl and it will show the math od 1.01 + 35.45. Basically I was thinking of it being a calculator where you press the element and it puts in the molar mass and adds it like a calculator. It's just my suggestion, but great APP though!


16 November 2013

Text is a little too small for me especially when it's snapped next to another app, so when its like running on 1/3 of the screen the molar mass is pretty small. I would love to see the app using more of the space that it has, bigger fonts, it would make sense and it would help make reading it easier!!! Will give 5 stars once the font is fixed. Other than that everything seems fine.


13 February 2013

Every compound molar mass with potassium (K) is wrong. It is using the wrong atomic weight for K.


5 January 2013

This app calculates Molar Mass very well and does what's advertised in the description without any problems as long as you use capital letters when needed. Clicking on each element will open up its corresponding webpage on Wikipedia as well. The only nit-pick I have is that I would like to see more Periodic Table information in the program itself without having to switch over to desktop mode to view the wiki and then pack to the app screen. Otherwise Great app :)


30 November 2012

Hello! I am the maker of this app, and posting the first review to get things rolling. This is my first app, and I would live constrictive criticism. Thank you so much! Nick Topper