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"A simple, accessible app that allows you to budget across weeks, months and years. The neat financial calendar lets you set up alerts and keep tabs on all transactions. Plus, it works with all currencies." - Independent UK Money Lover is the simple, easy-to-use and secure to manage your personal finances. You will better understand your finance to save more money for future. Manage cash flow, budgets, bills, and debts within one application. ** 1. Easily and quickly track transactions You only enter the amount and select a category, it's that all. Few minute a day to record and organize daily expense or income. Plus, it's able to add more detail such as Note, Location, People or attach a picture. Supported all kind of currencies and customizable category list. ** 2. Plan and manage budgets Budget is plan to spend your money, and it's important indeed. You are able to track budget for All spending or specific category such as Food & Beverage, Gasoline, Bills, etc. Money Lover will remind when you nearly reach to the goals. ** 3. Understand where money comes and goes Money Lover offers visualized trends and reports such as Total expense and income by category (Food & Beverage, Transportation, etc) or by time (month to month, quarter or year). ** 4. Multiple devices and platforms Access to your data from anywhere, any device you have. It works seamlessly across devices: phone, table, PC and Web. Using Google Cloud with top-notch security level. ** 5. Scan and organize receipts Manage and organize all of your receipts with Money Lover. You take pictures, we do the rest to convert them to your data. Free for the first 3 receipts. ** 6. Recurring bills and transactions Schedule your recurring bill and transactions and the app will notice you one due date. One-time setup, stay on top of your bills and payments. ** Other features + Manage saving process + Keep track of your debts and loans + Backup and restore, link to Dropbox + Dash clock and widget supported + Event and Travel mode for occasional events + Currency converter + Share wallet, account to your partners + Quick add transaction from notification bar + Calculator built-in + In-app Help & Support ** Money Lover PREMIUM + No ads + Unlimited wallets, budgets, savings, and more + Premium version work across devices and platforms. + Export data to Excel or CSV sheet + Pictures syncing If you have any question or issue, please send the message via in-app Help & Support or email to shortly get support from the team. Keep in touch with us via social media to get the updates, awesome tips or promotion Facebook: Twitter: G+ group for Beta Testers: Finsify Technology Co.,Ltd, Level 19, HCMCC Building, 249A Thuy Khue, Hanoi, Vietnam If you use the app on your device only, your transactions are stored on your phone or your Dropbox. We always pay attention and improve to secure the privacy of your data.


  • Easily track and categorize expense and income
  • Manage budgets such as Food, Transportation, Bill, etc
  • Understand your money better with Trends and Reports
  • Works across devices and platforms: phone, tablet, PC and Web
  • Simply manage your Debt, Loan, and Repayment process
  • Keep track of saving plans. Save more money for future
  • Multiple accounts and currencies supported
  • Scan and organize all receipts in one place. Free 03 receipts

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18 June 2016

I have been using this 2 weeks so far and no issues.


15 May 2016

best thing for people who need help with balancing money


14 May 2016

lover this app


10 May 2016

Môt app thật hữu dung để quản lý tài chính cá nhân,


6 May 2016

Ứng dung rất hữu ích


15 April 2016

Love it! My girlfriend and I use it across multiple devices and know exactly where each other are at with our spending. I give it a 9 out of ten. If they create a weekly reoccurring budget function just as they have monthly and yearly I will give it a 10. We create our budgets on a weekly basis, since we get paid weekly..... It only makes sense to add this feature. I am begging.


14 April 2016

Great app for funds management & overall budgeting overview. Can make many good use of it.


4 April 2016

I enjoyed using this until the free features ran out and I decided to try the premium. Hope it is worth the 5 bucks!


1 April 2016

Very well Developed


18 March 2016

this is a great app in managing personal finance. It helps me a lot with recording my expense. but it does not sync automatically with my app installed in window phone 8.1 when I connect to internet. Hope your team fix this soon. thank you! :D

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