Monster Truck Mania

Fire up your engines and get ready to sling mud through over 30 levels in this physics based Monster Truck action game. Choose your truck and choose your track. Select the time trials to race against the clock or select the challenge levels to race against other Monster Trucks. Collect nitro canisters and use them when you want for a super speed burst and some high flying fun. Tilt your device to lean your truck and perform flips. Get some massive air with the huge dirt ramps and giant steel beams. You'll have to blast through the physics based objects such as steel girders, giant logs, rocks, and huge weights. Try to use the moving and spinning platforms to your advantage. You'll also have to contend with airplanes, boats, and trains driving and flying through the levels.


  • Over 30 levels of mud slinging fun
  • Collect nitro cansiters
  • Huge air and huge jumps

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13 April 2014

VG Game Really suggested


8 April 2014

Controls pop up on the screen and are gone too quickly to read. As far as I can tell, since I can't see the control instructions, some controls require a keyboard. Makes the game way harder than it should be.