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    Windows 10 - Cortana now understands a sentence such as: "Countdown 9 minutes" - The type of navigation has been adapted to the new operating system - Consideration of the changes in some time zones - The alarm clock, stopwatch and the countdown can be pinned to Start - After clicking a notification of Moon Alarm the appropriate page will be opened - The app is now free of advertising Windows 8.1 - Consideration of the changes in some time zones - The app is now free of advertising - Supports reduced window sizes, minimum width is 500 pixels - Supports the new large live tile, when pinned to start - Can be the alarm application, if it gets the permission - Selectable system alarm sound in options settings - Better performance - Synchronization between multiple devices is better supported now - Selectable snooze time in minutes - Managing multiple alarms - Now the name of the app make sense: A moon alarm can be added, to be notified before the next full moon or new moon

Moon Alarm

Moon Alarm combines a world clock, an alarm clock, a timer and a stopwatch and displays - for your favorite places - when the sun rises and sets, the beginning and end of twilight, and when the moon rises and sets. Last but not least, it shows the moon phases and a daily matching image of the moon.


  • It's a clock showing times around the world.
  • It's an alarm clock.
  • It's a timer.
  • It's a stopwatch.
  • It displays times of sun rise, sun set, twilight, moon rise and moon set.
  • It displays moon phases and each day a matching image of the moon.
  • It uses secondary tiles at Windows Start page.
  • Cortana now understands a sentence such as: "Countdown 9 minutes"

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29 January 2015

Doesn't like to open. I have to re-launch the app several times to get it to finally open, then it works fine. Now it won't go to the clock after 3 minutes.


16 August 2014

Works great. Love the astronomical data. Nice job!


14 February 2014

Works perfect on tablet n info on different locations is ideal. Love help info and separate app bars allowing your pick of setups. Love ease of use and all the options.


21 October 2013

It’s a good world clock that shows me sun and moon data of my favorite places even when I’m offline. In addition it’s a stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm. The alarm works on my device, but I think I will continue to use the alarm on my phone. I love to see a live tile with my hometown and another one with the place where I am right now.


7 September 2013

Great app...great graphics, easy to use!


19 August 2013

alarm does not work unless it is in the foreground, even then it makes no sound. I do love that you can pick so many different time zones to set as favorites though