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    Support for 4K video input with max 1080p output (on supported device models) Select photos and videos from OneDrive Change video speed Change font family / size / position Miscellaneous bug fixes

Movie Creator Beta

Making movies has never been easier! Movie Creator helps you quickly and easily combine videos, photos, music and even cinemagraphs into stylish movies for sharing anywhere. It's simple! In four quick steps you select your footage, select a theme (that's a style for your movie), add music and titles and then you're ready to watch your movie. You can personalize your movie too! The tools included allow you to rearrange clips, apply filters to your clips, adjust trim & duration of clips, rotate/flip/mirror clips, pan & zoom clips, add text titles & credits and adjust volume. You can also change movie themes and music anytime and even get more themes from the in-app Theme Store. Save your movie in the size you wish and you are ready to watch and share it.


  • Make movies in minutes: Select your clips, pick a theme, add music and titles then sit back and watch your movie.
  • Get the perfect theme (with music) from the in-app Theme Store.
  • Make it personal: Add titles, captions and edit your clips with tons of tools.
  • Coming Soon: More themes by professional videographers and even Hollywood studios!

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22 December 2015

I just wish we could add more than 25 clips in video😖😪😪😪😪😪👍


18 December 2015

Сделано удобно, но видео сжимает, картинка получается плохой


11 December 2015

This movie creator is horrible I made a movie and it took forever to load and in the end I never got my movie.


17 November 2015

hated it


10 November 2015

The video making process is easy but its the options for entering a title, caption/subtitles that the app crashes and it won't let me edit/add any. It just opens again and whenever I pick the option for entering captions it just keeps crashing. Please fix this soon.


3 November 2015

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP!!! But how come when I try to save LAAG EP1 it won't work?


1 October 2015

I spent an hour going through multiple memory cards picked over 100pics to add into a video.... then when I went to edit ....only 25 are allowed in this version.!!!! why allow me to load sooooo many pics if I can't use them! Very annoyed... an hour of my life I can't get back... thanks to this crappy app... no wonder its free!


15 September 2015

It works GREAT but ITS NOT SAVING!! Why isn't it saving????????????? I mean its so annoying the process stops at 36% I mean Literally Jamed. It would be a great app if it didn't have saving problems!! PLZ FIX THIS


31 August 2015

Uploaded my clips, totaling no more than 2 min. Wouldn't let me do anything, not clipping the videos, not adding a title, not previewing the whole video or any parts without crashing. Utterly worthless.


6 August 2015

Everything works the way it should, and the editing is really fun when putting together vlogs!

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