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  • Notes:
    - Minor bug fixes - Parental controls - Subtitle support - Multilingual support for application and movie data - Ability to create custom filters - Ability to create custom views - Group, sort and filter collection by various attributes - Additional data for each movie such as budget, revenue, taglines and more - Playback rate control - Pictures of cast members - Extensive options for a customized experience

Movie Premier

Movie Premier caters to the home entertainment and movie enthusiast who desires to have a Windows 8 movie player and media library browser. Movie Premier has been designed to provide a smooth and intuitive user experience. The easy to use interface and carefully thought out options and screens allow users to spend more time watching movies rather than worrying about library maintenance and performance.


  • Watch movies and TV series from your collection
  • Build out your own playlist and favorites to be watched at your convenience
  • Download and display movie and TV series posters and backdrops
  • Download movie data in multiple languages
  • Support for parental controls
  • Specify local and network folders to include in your collection
  • Search based on keywords, actors, titles and many other attributes
  • View movies and TV series categorically by genre, actor, ratings, user favorites and more
  • Customize your home page and create your own views
  • View trailers for movies in your collection
  • Resume playback for any movie and TV series which has been recently viewed
  • Semantic zoom support to make viewing large collections easier
  • Customize the video and image file types to include in your collection
  • Edit info and posters for any movie and TV series
  • Create your own movie and TV series groups
  • View statistics about your collection
  • Support for subtitles
  • Automated synchronization with online movie and TV shows meta-data providers
  • Filter, sort, and group your collection
  • Performance tested for media libraries containing more than 10,000 titles

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28 November 2014

cannot insert a DVD into the drive and have it play. This app is awful and its developers should be ashamed.


14 November 2014

the only problem with this app is that when you edit anything poster background details it doesn't matter it alters the movie actor's picture's example: if bruce willis was main character his picture will now overwrite all the other actor's pictures to his. this will happen every time you edit anything.


15 September 2014

This is a great app! Works very easily and is very accurate. A Windows Phone app of this would always be welcome! ;-)


10 September 2014

I wonder how to download posters and artwork... Youtube videos are obsolete.


6 September 2014

I put in a DVD and all I get is a black screen. WASTE OF Time. No help menu, no instructions. No good.


30 July 2014



19 July 2014

Easy to load, but then wouldn't play anything! I loaded a DVD and nothing happened! Tried to find it on the DVD drive - nothing! Absolutely horrible app!


12 June 2014

Great free app. Only request is the ability to play MKV files.


27 May 2014

Could not get this app to play .vob files from a folder on a USB drive. Doesn't even show them in a file manager list.


5 May 2014

This update has problems. If you move the bar to the end of the movie, then when you replay it, the movie does not reset to the beginning.

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