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    Refreshed Modern UI Cleaner Flow More Movie lists RedBox Integration - You can reserve from within the app Location Features Customizations via Settings Search support - In App and From Windows Snapped View Support Ad Free Version Purchase Support


Make your family movie watching experience easier by providing one consolidated search view of top movies, their reviews and access to web resources of Rotten Tomatoes, Amazon, and Netflix, so you can view additional details and availability from different sources to make a choice. Latest release features following: Refreshed Modern UI Cleaner Flow More Movie lists RedBox Integration - You can reserve from within the app Location Features Customizations via Settings Search Contracts Snapped View Support App provides integrated web search capability for top movies, review rating from Rotten Tomatoes and ability to see additional details from Amazon.com, Netflix.com and RottenTomatoes.com directly without leaving the app or the page. App just doesn't pass movie title to Amazon and Netflix website, but it uses APIs in the background from those sources to find the correct match for the movie you selected in the view. Sometimes if the exact match is not found in a source for a given movie, currently the app shows the first result returned from the source instead of showing not found (this behavior might change in future as for some users it seems to be confusing). Once you have narrowed down the movie in the top movies list or custom title search with the help of review ratings, you can then look at different sources and decide on which source to use to watch the movie. Viewing experience and availability greatly depends on the source website. For example, RottenTomatoes.com can play movie and trailers from within the inline webbrowser control of the app, Netflix.com will direct you to its own app if you are signed-in, for Amazon.com you need to click on the 'Open in browser' button to open the page in proper full browser to start watching the movie. For watching movies, it is always recommended to open the page in full browser and follow the instructions of the website. Also all of these websites will require a membership which users will have to work with the website providers directly to sign up for their services. App itself doesn't not require any sign-up for searching and reading reviews. From addictivetips.com review: "Whenever someone else suggests a new movie, a lot of us check out its rating, cast and plot on the Internet before buying or renting it. You must be familiar with IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes as two of the most famous online databases used by people to look up information on movies, celebrities, TV shows etc. Based on your experience, you might have your own preferences among these sources; however, there is no doubt that both these services provide great analysis. Today, we have an app for Windows 8 called MovieNight that allows you to view movie ratings, look it up on Netflix, and buy it on Amazon, all from its Modern UI interface. In addition, you can see lists and details of the overall top movies, latest DVD releases, top rentals and movies up in theaters right now."


  • Browse through top movies in instant, dvd, rental and in theaters
  • Search for specific movie titles
  • Read Synopsis, cast, rating
  • Review ratings from RottenTomatoes - web view to read more.
  • View details and availability in Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant and Rotten Tomatoes
  • Redbox - Reserver a DVD or Blu-Ray in RedBox
  • Geo Location - automatically app helps you find the nearest Redbox or a Theater

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5 July 2016

It loads for a while and then shows "No items found to display" in every section.


22 July 2015

this app wouldn't even load !!!!! >: (


4 June 2015

Big Fat -0


23 May 2015

it doesn't work it is very clumsy and doesn't allow you to perform the most basic feature on a scale of 1-10 its a 0


8 May 2015

Keep looking.. Great idea but bad execution.


13 April 2015



10 January 2015

Doesn't even connect to server


26 November 2014

Delete this app isn`t jack it`s crap and thought best app ever the devil is a lie


20 October 2014

Installed, then I got an ad, but NO MOVIES, OR EVEN TITLES OR DESCRIPTIONS. Thanks for the time waste.


20 September 2014

Doesn't work at all

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