MSN Food & Drink

MSN Food & Drink: Your complete kitchen companion. Browse hundreds of thousands of recipes from your favorite magazines, world-famous chefs, bloggers and fellow home cooks. Enjoy easy-to-follow instructions, beautiful photos and access to your saved shopping lists and collections from anywhere. Watch how-to videos, browse the extensive wine and cocktails guides and stay in the know on the latest food and drink trends.


  • Recipes: Browse through popular recipes from cuisines around the world.
  • Hands-Free Mode: Navigate recipe steps with a simple wave of your hand. No more messy fingers on your device!
  • Shopping List: Quickly create and directly add ingredients and access from anywhere.
  • Meal Planner: Plan your meals for the week in one convenient place.
  • Collections: Save and organize favorite recipes and drinks.
  • Add A Recipe: Add recipes easily by copying text, uploading a scanned page, or simply taking a photo of the recipe with your camera.
  • Chefs: Explore recipes and how-tos from acclaimed chefs.
  • Cooking School: Learn new tips & techniques to improve or refine your kitchen skills.
  • News: Stay in the know about the world of food and drink.
  • Wine: Learn about more than 1.5 million wines through tasting notes and expert scores.
  • Cocktails: Browse classic and new cocktail recipes.
  • Note: Some features may not be available in all markets.

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28 September 2015

I loved this app


21 September 2015

These apps are the main reason I even use my tablet! They do more than any other app could ever offer. (I looked after I heard these were being removed). I know there's the desktop version but it's not the same. I would pay for the MSN apps. They are the reason I have started eating healthy and I started therapy and want to use the fitness app to track progress. Will they at least be replaced with another version? I think many people would agree these apps are very important to their healthy life.


8 September 2015

I really enjoy the app platform, and think that it is perfect. Please don't get rid of the app like it is announced to do.


28 August 2015

I loved using this app, sorry to see it go


26 August 2015

I really enjoy this app, it is extremely helpful. What will replace this app after the discontinuation.


10 August 2015

You can find meals to cook and there healthy.


4 August 2015

Really added value to the 8 tablets... will be sad to see it go. I hope MS reconsiders.


2 August 2015

A nice, stylish and well designed app (no hamburger menus) for looking up recipes or even just admiring all the pretty pictures of grub. Of course Microsoft is discontinuing it. SMH


1 August 2015

Teaspoons and grams? Ounces and milliliters? What stove in the US has temperature settings in Centigrade? Add a feature that switches US with Metric for all measurements. This is a list of nice meals waiting to be ruined.


28 July 2015

I use this! what will replace it?

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