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mtd - Lac Viet Dictionaries is one of Lac Viet’s tools for developing foreign language skills. MTD contains various dictionaries with more than 800,000 entries and phrases, including English-Vietnamese Dictionary, Vietnamese-English Dictionary, Vietnamese-Vietnamese Dictionary, Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms, Dictionary of Prefixes and Suffixes, Dictionary of English Abbreviations and Acronyms. In addition, it provides the English-Vietnamese Picture Dictionary and English grammar. The English-Vietnamese Dictionary and Vietnamese-English Dictionary constitute the updated version of mtd9EVA. Entries full of expressions and examples will help you to know word usage in different contexts. English grammar lessons at three levels are elaborately designed to give you a thorough knowledge of English grammar. "Talk" lessons, which were prepared and structured for learners to enhance their communication skills. To use Lac Viet Dictionaries, it requires to download the data to your computer at the first time of use.


  • Consultation: Type the word that you want to look up, then the program will suggest similar words. It also enables consultation by means of wildcards.
  • For example, type "acc*t" if you want to look up all the entries, phrases beginning with "acc" and ending with "t".
  • To view the definitions of an entry or a phrase, you can also double-click on it or highlight it before right-clicking.
  • Pronunciation: The program can pronounce Vietnamese or English text by using the TTS technology, you have to connect your computer to the Internet.
  • You can also hear the pronunciation of examples and expressions in the Definitions window by clicking on the loudspeak at the end of each line.
  • Parsing and translation: When you enter an English passage, the program will break it down into words, phrases along with their grammatical functions and translate these words, phrases into Vietnamese
  • To obtain automatic translation for a whole passage, you have to connect your computer to the Internet.
  • The English-Vietnamese Picture Dictionary will help you remember English words easily.
  • Grammar lessons at three levels will help you revise and grasp English grammar to improve your writing.
  • Talk" lessons help learners to enhance speaking skills by topics.

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20 December 2014

Cool but it doesn't work after updating data! I'm expecting to refund.


22 February 2014

nhưng cần cải thiện tốc độ tải từ điển trên mạng về, nên có thêm tùy chọn chỉ tải từ điển mình thích


26 January 2014

Khong the mo dc Can't open!