Muffin Quest

Play the innovative new match-3 puzzle game from the makers of Bubble Birds and Fruit Quest! Slide the rows and columns to match delicious pastries as you face challenging obstacles, battle the evil Gingerbread Man and explore the beautiful world of Muffin Quest!! Muffin Quest is the best-looking FREE match-3 puzzle game for your phone or tablet! Thank you for playing! Visit our Facebook Fruit Quest community @ Please e-mail us at with any issues, questions or comments! We would love to hear from you!


  • MATCH DELICIOUS PASTRIES in 75+ puzzles -- each one is unique and full of exciting obstacles!
  • EXPLORE a beautiful hand-drawn world!
  • EASY TO LEARN -- challenging to master: can you reach 3 stars on every level and beat your friends’ scores?
  • EXCITING animations and effects!
  • FREE content updates!

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25 July 2016

angry because of the time put and then it erases itself. I was in the 100's when it did this. otherwise I love this game


7 June 2016

I like the game very much , I had to start it again because my progress was not saved.


26 January 2016

Fun game


19 November 2015

Was enjoying but it keeps going back to beginning after so long, can not keep going to levels...


25 October 2015

And already the game has frozen for the third time. I just installed it today! I have yet to play level 2 because the game is stuck there! This game "seems" as though it will be a good game to play. Unfortunately, I haven't had the privilege of finding that out! I gave it two stars instead of the one it deserves right now because of its potential to be an awesome game but nothing higher than two because I can't play it long enough to find out.


8 October 2015

Challenging and addictive. Hours fly by.


2 October 2015

Love this game.


21 September 2015

Great game!


1 May 2015

Fun to play


23 April 2015

Lots of glitches but ignore and play on. I like to see how far I can get on 5 lives and the bonus plays I build. So far I've cleared to board 84.

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