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  • Category: Music & Video / Music
  • Published by: MediaMode Solutions ?
  • Size: 2.7 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 7 other languages ?
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  • Notes:
    Release 49: New: Support for APE (Monkey's Audio Codec) files New: Better usage of AlbumArtist field Fixed: Playlist reorder issue on Windows 10 (PC) Fixed: Slow startup on Windows 10 Mobile Fixed: Pausing and resuming ShoutCast radio streams (Phone) Fixed: High memory consumption while streaming could cause problems (Phone) Release 48: Ogg Vorbis and Opus codecs added on both PC and WP Release 45 PC: Fixed: App crashing repeatedly for some users while updating the music library Fixed: Rare app crash in random playback mode Release 45 Phone: Fixed various problems, especially on Windows 10 Mobile Resume speed improvements Release 40 PC: New: Equalizer (PC only) New: Zoom via hotkey (Ctrl+Plus/Minus) Fixed: Crashes on library update Release 40 Phone: New: Radio Streaming from SHOUTcast (Experimental, Pro Version, only on Windows Phone) New: Last.fm integration (Pro Version) New: Landscape mode with two column layout New: Option to restore last view on startup New: Uses "sort names" for artist, if stored in tags Release 39: New: Songs view New: Local cache for last.fm "scrobbles" New: Uses "sort name" for artists, if stored in tags Fixed: Problems with export playlist tracks function Release 38: New: New logo design New: Years view added New: Countries translated, assign using drag+drop Release 35: New: Auto remove duplicates from playlist function New: Easy access to save and export playlist function

Music Mode

The fast and innovative music player app for Windows. Fully featured, simple to use, automatic crossfading (PC only), the “Auto Pilot” will keep your music running, based on your preferences. Check it out now! The free version of this app can be used forever. But if you like this app, you should consider upgrading to the 'Pro Version' to support the future development of this app. Most 'Pro Version' features can be tested for free during the first 30 days and are specially marked in the features list below.


  • Fast and intuitive navigation through your local music collection
  • Works very well even with very large music collections
  • Sleek user interface with smooth animations - freely scalable to any size!
  • Different "auto pilot" modes will keep your music running
  • Crossfade support for smooth song transitions (PC only)
  • Uses online databases to retrieve missing music metadata
  • Build and edit playlists using drag+drop (PC only)
  • Manage and cleanup your music library using drag+drop (PC only)
  • Play FLAC, ALAC (Apple lossless), Ogg Vorbis, Opus and APE audio files (free for one month, then requires 'Pro Version', Ogg Vorbis, Opus and APE are not available on Windows 8.0)
  • Fully functional even when snapped to the screen side (PC only)
  • Stream music to a DLNA device with "PlayTo" (free for one month, then requires 'Pro Version')
  • Connect to your last.fm account for playback statistics (free for one month, then requires 'Pro Version')
  • Add music from other folders, e.g. from your SD-Card
  • Enqueue files to be played next (limited in free version)
  • Import playlists from m3u, m3u8 and pls files (PC only)

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28 July 2016

it's awesome I love it


21 May 2016

Works great. So much better than Xbox.


14 January 2016

Once I started using this it would remove al my music's info which made it impossible to make a playlist when every thing says unknown.


26 December 2015

I have tried everything I can imagine so far and above your horrible unspecific and unclear directions no matte whaâ I do when trying to download I can't get pay "this folder needs to be installed, insay ok, and it doesn't seem to matter where on the tablet I try to put the folder goes there just fine, but then the fie that was to downloaded a video clip you press OK and then the file name flashes for a 1/2 second and then it appears complete file is no where to h found. Ye I have used explorer search as well. Either this works or jot have if it doesn't then want mu lifetime membership fee refunded and I want the credit of 3 days of unlimited access and downloading ability to everything. THANK you, Steve Keszler 5037910202


6 December 2015

Very good. Include a sleep timer


16 November 2015

I'm giving it 4 stars as the choices for music on this tablet, suck and this one sucked the least.


7 November 2015

I was so frustrated by the music app provided by Microsoft & Xbox - constantly crashing, often during the first song. Tried some other free apps that had ads or terrible features. Music Mode has simple, intuitive functions, looks good and doesn't crash. Great free option if you just want to play music you already own.


3 November 2015

It need to have tracks title on the list. I don't want to search different to find a song in different folders.


2 October 2015

best music player I've seen, very quick indexing (1331 albums) seems to be quickly updating data to


17 September 2015

Thanks for creating this app !!!

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