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  • Category: Music & Video / Music
  • Published by: Musixmatch ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English
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    Groove Music sing along the music, substituting singer voice with your own (BETA) youtube video played in-app recognize music on-air at radio/TV through the MusicID bigger cover arts faster startup, after the first scan play full albums simply tapping on the album name

Musixmatch Lyrics & Music Player

Musixmatch app lets you find and match lyrics to your favorite music tracks for free! With millions of officially licensed lyrics localized in tens of languages, Musixmatch allows users to access the largest lyrics database in the world. Featuring a fully integrated music player, song tracker, and powerful lyrics search engine, Musixmatch is the best way to find lyrics on your device. Users can browse the top viewed lyrics by country, and even purchase music directly from the app.


  • NEW Substitute the singer voice with your own, when listening your mp3 files (BETA) for a Karaoke-like experience NEW **
  • NEW Configure any skydrive, network or local folder for search for music NEW **
  • NEW Youtube Video played in-app, with sing along text NEW **
  • Identify music through the microphone with the MusicID
  • Access millions of song lyrics
  • Play music from within the app
  • Access lyrics available in tens of languages
  • Play mp3/wma/m4a non-DRM files
  • Stream music to devices supporting PlayTo specs (e.g. xbox and dlna tvs)
  • Buy music on Amazon, iTunes and 7-Digital
  • Play full albums
  • Look big album coverarts
  • Optimized for Microsoft Surface/WindowsRT devices!
  • Spotify Experimental Integration on Desktop (Req Spotify Desktop)
  • Groove Music

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- 10 June 2021

It's removed from Magazine Store for win 8.1


2 April 2016

m3u playlist plz to start play music is too slow music/lyric doesn't match the time(THE TIME OF SAME SONG ON ANDROID APP IS CORRECT)


15 January 2016

it just confusing to use. I thought it would be like the android version but its different, android version is better but this app is good


19 December 2015

cant play saved music in pc


15 December 2015

Musixmatch Isn't installing In My Windows 8.1.......


30 October 2015

Love I would recommend it to anyone


17 October 2015

Overall it seemed fluid and has nice UI but it lacks playlist feature....


14 October 2015

Has lyrics for 20% of my songs. Sometimes lyrics are to wrong song. I can get lyrics from google search with better success. App is difficult to navigate. Not user friendly.


20 September 2015

This is a good app, it has great potential. But there can be sooo much more that can be done. For example, it's not intuitive. I have lyrics that are not synchronized, and I could not figure out how to fix that problem. The 'settings' tab does not really have any worthwhile settings. Make it easy-to-use, integrate a proper full featured music player with it, or make a musixmatch plugin that can integrate with other media players. Man this is 2015, get a music lover onboard in your team and get it figured out.


10 September 2015

good to start

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