My Crazy Horse Simulator 3D

Who doesn’t love horses, yes everyone love horses. We have developed My Crazy Horse Simulator 3D for all those who loves horses & animals. Saddle up your friend horse by downloading My Crazy Horse Simulator 3D & start your adventure of Horse Riding, Horse Jumping and horse racing as it’s time for some grand show of horse jumping and horse riding challenge. This is new free game i.e. My Crazy horse simulator which is fully PACKED with fun & pleasure as game provides you a number of challenging obstacles as well. My Crazy Horse Simulator is awesome horse simulation free game where your horse friend has to smash the hurdles on the way, You must survive against these wild animals like lion, wolf in this simulation cum small action game and there is another amazing feature in this game that small kids playing in the ground can have horse ride as well as our horse love kids like all of us so it allow kids to ride on it, so all those kids who love horses can enjoy a free horse ride and can enjoy horse jump, horse ride and even can enjoy horse racing as we used a crazy but friend horse for kids. This game provides a number of challenging obstacles to cross so you have to time your horse jump accordingly to cross those hurdles. We are not sure how good you are in reaching high score. Let’s see how well you can do, and reach the high score. It is a chance for you to ride a horse and boost your horse riding skills. The game is new Horse simulation game; developed to simulate the effects when not every one of us can own a horse at home or in a farm house. So do care for your Crazy Horse friend by feeding it. Find the eatables in the terrain environment & virtual Horse racing environment which the Crazy but friend Horse will feed on to boost its energy. Keep an eye on the energy bar as it goes down & down & you have to feed your Crazy Horse friend in time for survival before the Horse collapse & finally dies. Crush the various obstacles on the way to increase score and earn points to unlock new Crazy Horse haven world of horses with all features as there are several Crazy Horse for you to unlock, earn points to unlock your favorite one. So “Download” now & let My Crazy Horse adventure begin! My Crazy Horse Simulator 3D is translated in all major languages like English, French, Chinese, Italian, Korean, German, Brazilian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Malay and Russian etc.. How to play:- For Window Phone:- ♦ Tap on screen to jump. ♦ Joystick to run and move left / right. For window PC:- ♦Use Arrow Keys To Control Horse. ♦Use Space Key For Jump.


  • 100% Free game with all features
  • Rampage the obstacles.
  • HD Graphics
  • Multiple Horses
  • Smooth controls
  • Realistic animations of Crazy Horse
  • Silly Horse thrashing challenges

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18 December 2015

This so lame not fun one bit! Waste of time! 😒✖✖✖


30 October 2015