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    Added the ability to upload and download your menu board settings and files to our server. This will give you the ability to download and recover your menu boards if you have to reinstall windows or you have to install it on another computer for some reason.

My Digital Menu Boards

Looking for a cost effective Digital Menu Board and/or Digital Signage solution? Well if you are this is your app. My Digital Menu Boards allows you to build your own menu boards with ease using your images & videos. You can and as many menu boards as you need. You can setup the start and end time for each menu board as well as add as much content as you want to each menu board; this includes, images, image playlists, videos video playlists, Foursquare check-ins, RSS feeds, current time of day and menu item lists. The menu board editor allows you to change all of the following properties for each item. 1. Width & Height 2. Margins 3. Rotation 4. Transparency 5. Font, Font size, Font color 6. Horizontal and vertical alignment 7. Animations You can have the menu boards automatically start when windows starts. After you setup the menu boards you want you can export the settings and media to a safe location as a backup or copy it to another menu board. So you can setup all your menu boards on one computer and when you are happy you can export it to each menu board computer via USB drive or copy it across your network etc. You can also sync your data on our site. Once you create an account you can take menu board on and off line, as well you can enable and disable items from the web. The menu boards will update every 5 minutes with the changes you made on the web. If you would like new features or need help with anything just contact support at Support@CodeForge.biz


  • Supports Images & Image playlists
  • Supports Videos & Video playlists
  • Supports Foursquare check-ins for your venue
  • Allows you to build your own Digital Menu Board for a very cost effective price
  • Supports RSS feeds
  • Display the current time on your menu board
  • Twitter updates
  • Animations
  • Menus
  • Stores
  • Prices

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8 January 2015

Cost effective and easy to use. Try the trial and then buy the full version. I personally know this application is used in restaurants around the world.


21 December 2013

Works really well at a fraction of the price others charge.