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    V -Customizable Live Tiles! (pick what you would like to see) -Fix for issues with background updates of tiles -UI tweaks and several bug fixes. -If installing My Media Center on the same PC as WMC please see our forums for setup help. If you need help tweet to us @CetonMyMC or email us! V -Setting to "load all" on recorded TV, scheduled recordings, and movies. -Enhanced support for large collections -Several bug fixes & UI enhancements and performance enhancements. -If installing My Media Center on the same PC as WMC please see our forums for setup help.

My Media Center

If you love Windows Media Center you’ll REALLY love My Media Center for Windows 8. As a companion to Windows Media Center, My Media Center allows you to manage and control your Windows Media Center experience from your Windows 8 device, whether you’re inside or outside the house. Recorded TV, scheduled recordings, movies, universal search, remote control, and so much more the Ultimate Windows Media Center app is here. Requires My Media Center Services (free!) to be installed on a separate Windows 7 or 8 PC running Windows Media Center. Please visit http://www.CetonCorp.com/MyMediaCenter Top Features: •TV and Movie Gallery Forget hopping around from the TV section to the movie section to your recorded shows. My Media Center lets you see an integrated view of all your shows and movies in one place. •Manage and Schedule DVR Recordings At work and forgot to record that show tonight? See a season premiere promo that you want to record but you’re away from home on a trip? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. •Universal Search It’s TV search the way it should be. You probably don’t care whether your favorite show or movie is on one channel or another, in your personal library or airing later this week. We’ll help you easily find what you’re looking wherever it’s playing. •Play To any TV Set Browse your TV and movie libraries, select the show you want to watch, and choose the device on which you want to watch. You don’t even have to be in the same room. •Your Mobile is the Remote My Media Center includes full remote control capabilities for both your media center PC and any extenders you have. Play, pause, fast forward, rewind, channel, volume … it’s all there in one pretty slick touchscreen view. My Media Center – The Ultimate Windows Media Center App Full Feature List: ★ Universal search across all of your content ★ Manage Recorded TV ★ Start Playback of Recorded TV on HTPC or Extender ★ Manage Scheduled Recordings ★ Manage Series Recordings ★ Browse Program Grid Guide ★ Tune channel on HTPC or Extender ★ Use On Screen Remote Control to control HTPC or Extender ★ Automatically generate local movie metadata & cover art ★ Browser recorded & local movies in a beautiful gallery ★ Start playback of movies on HTPC or Extender ★ Browse list of movies on television tonight with cover art ★ Easily browse upcoming Premieres in one nice list ★ Browse recent activity on your HTPC ★ Live Tile Support ★ Wake on LAN ★ Much More *My Media Center does NOT stream recorded or live tv to your Windows 8 device. However you can start playback of any movie or recorded TV episode on your HTPC or Extender and control it with the on screen remote. If you need help tweet to us @CetonMyMC or email us!


  • Manage and Schedule DVR Recordings
  • Beautiful TV and Movie Galleries
  • Universal Search: TV, Movies, Program Guide, and more
  • Start playback and control yur PC or Extender
  • Fully optimized for Snapped & Portrait Views
  • Easily browse upcoming Premieres in one nice list
  • Browse recent activity on your HTPC
  • Automatically generate local movie metadata & cover art
  • Live Tile Support
  • Wake On LAN support
  • Multiple HTPC support
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and 8 running Windows Media Center

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27 December 2015

I downloaded the program and paid for it. But I can't get it to open. My cell is 580-743-7133 I need help.


26 June 2015

This is just a remote control. Waste of time. Please send my money back.


17 June 2015

its impossible to set up, once your done with that its impossible to use


1 February 2015

Update no longer working now that I have digital antenna only. Will no longer show any channels or guide. Tired of always having to troubleshoot these programs. This app does NOT let you watch TV. Just a controller with TV guide and tour movie library with metadata. Repeat you can NOT stream anything. great app if you have everything working. Some people having trouble with the way router is setup. Needs to have port forwarding enabled. Check the forums at the green button for help. For me I was having movie library problems. After manually stopping the cdata and yamm services once again on my htpc, and deleting cached app data, I have got most of my movie library to show up!


13 January 2015

I downloaded the Android app first then it told me to download the Windows app and said it was free. Of course it wasn't, but $5 isn't the end of the world so I paid anyway. The app isn't just buggy, it straight up doesn't even launch. So first I thought I was going to get a great free tool. Then I thought was going to get a great cheap tool. Then I got nothing and wasted 5 bucks. Thanks.


1 January 2015

I've noticed that a lot of apps for Win8 suck compared to their IOS/Android brethren. This one runs better and is better equipped. No, this app will not let you stream your TV or watch your recordings. If you want that, then get a tablet than can run Win8 Pro or start complaining to Microsoft. If you like to be able to schedule your recordings while out of town or manage your WMC, this is the app for you. I was hesitant to buy this app on here but am happy I did.


22 October 2014

Provides a way to know what's coming on and what's going to be recorded.


9 September 2014

not user friendly and doesn't work


9 August 2014

Does not work


27 July 2014

I see all these 5-star reviews and I wonder what I'm missing. I can't watch TV with the app. I can't watch recordings. I can't even watch my own movies. All I can do is tell WMC what to do. That's fine. It's useful, I guess, but why is glorified $5 remote worth five stars?

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