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    This version: Fixed Date on Images to Date Taken instead of modified date. Added support for multiple languages and changed some wording and placement of options throughout the app. Changed splash-screen to just logo Bug Fixes. Previous versions (limited change-log): - Fixed bug where layout was advancing before video stopped playing. - Added option to synchronize previous in-app purchases made in the app with the Windows Phone 8.1 app. Just click the settings charm after swiping from the right and select "Sync IAPs w/ Windows Phone App" - Fixed in-app purchasing issue. - Linked in-app purchasing to the new Windows Phone version of the App so a purchase on either platform unlocks the other. - Increased performance. Added the following options: - Play videos with audio muted (can easily unmute a video if you'd like) - Keep screen on or have it follow the Windows power settings. Updated icons and tiles

My Memories Interactive Slideshow

My Memories Interactive Slideshow brings your memories to life with random images and videos filling several different layouts. You can interact with your photos and videos by pinching, zooming, rotating, and flicking. Through the Videos in-app purchase you can liven up your slideshow even more by showing your home videos along with your photos. Just imagine all of your memories in photos and videos coming to life right in front of your eyes! A second in-app purchase is available to remove the advertisements. Many settings are available, just swipe from the right side of the screen and choose the settings icon. One of the most important is to choose which directories are used and which ones are excluded. Don't forget that you can include photos from different computers on your network! You can save and share a screenshot of your layout as well as your images or videos that you see in the slideshow..... just swipe up from the bottom of the screen and choose what you want to do.


  • Interactive Random Slideshow with Several Layouts
  • Pinch, Zoom, Rotate, & Flick Images
  • Show Your Home Videos As Well! (In-App Purchase)
  • Pick which directories will be included and excluded. Tip: Have another PC with more photos? Add that shared location to the app!
  • Save & Share Your Layouts!

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22 March 2015

I have many more photos than videos and seem to see the same videos repeat frequently as if they aren't weighted the same as photos in the shuffle algorithm


13 March 2015

I have been searching a long time for a photo app this cool. The interactive features are a big plus.


12 June 2014

I have tried without success to remove the adds. I am willing to pay to do this. The app or Microsoft store won't let me. This is useless if I can't get rid of the ads!


30 April 2014

The "My Memories Interactive Slideshow" app is a wonderful way to use my screen like a family portrait center. It works great! ~W


17 April 2014

Great to share with friends and family pictures and videos where everyone can rotate, pass, enlarge or put aside photos. Wit this in mind some additional features could improve the experience, but I am sure this will come for the fifth star.... Support is great and quick. Ideal for Large touchscreen PC's


25 March 2014

I sure enjoyed looking at my picture side show, and keep up the good work and praying for you all have a good great day, PS Jesus is coming soon be ready


1 January 2014

Wish there was more settings available. For example, choosing how many photos to show at once. Also, if we could connect to Facebook to use those photos as well.


11 December 2013

Once you install the program it does not show the name of the program in the install list. You cannot remove the program. This program may be violating privacy or worse!!


9 December 2013

Nice alternative to the Collage Slideshow that was in the Win8 Photos app, which MS removed from the Photos app with the Win8.1 update.


27 November 2013

will not allow removal of adds

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