In the recent times, many users and investors in the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE) have requested for personalized information sharing that assists them to know more about securities listed on the NSE and thus facilitate their decisions on buying and selling of the same. NSE has therefore put together a Windows 8 application that provides users with Market statistics for listed securities, corporate actions that affect their securities holdings, and introduced a section called My NSE where users can see the market performance in real-time, as well as connect to their CDSC portfolio to see how the shares are performing in real-time. The tool also provides a virtual-Share portfolio tool that helps users track specific counters, and see how those counters would perform, showing some real scenario with end of day market data. This application we feel will go a long way to assist users who interact with NSE all over the world to grow in knowledge, facilitate their decision making thus profit even the most basic of our investors/users.


  • Retrieve information from the NSE (stocks, bonds e.t.c)
  • Allows viewers to see information from their CDSC accounts.