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Portfolio is an application to manage your stocks portfolio. It helps you to track your portfolio value in real time and compare it to indices or other stocks. With rich charts, you can quickly observe your portfolio history and use technical indices in order to take decision. Real Time stock information (price, volume, ask, bid…) and RSS Feeds for every stock help you to always be informed.


  • Stocks tracking
  • Create your portfolio
  • Analyst Opinion (This week, Last week, Price Target - High, Median, Low)
  • Market Movers (Volume Leaders, Price % Gainers, Price % Loosers)
  • Share your porfolio
  • Automatic tile update
  • Rich charts
  • Currency Management
  • Commodities
  • Financials(Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow)
  • Technical Indicators (SMA, MACD, BBAnd, RSI)
  • Order Book

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9 August 2015

Just purchased the app for my surface pro. But it won't open and operate


20 March 2015

Portfolio graph scales are not displayed to the correct scale.


10 February 2015

trial says for 7 days, but it's limited to only 3 stocks in the portfolio. Either let us have full functionality for 7 days, THEN limit the number of stocks OR limit the stocks (and state that they are limited).


3 January 2015

Configurations are not shared between devices Supports only one portfolio Slow


25 November 2014

I was finally able to get this app to load. It looks like it will as useful as I had hoped when I first decided to try it.


30 October 2014

I just sold some shares and rather than the app letting me choose which ones I had sold (eg. Highest price or whatever), it just chose some for me, so it is not in accord with my choice or my IRA statement. Can you please fix this so that when not selling all shares of a certain stock, the person entering a sale into the app can choose which of the shares should be considered no longer part of the portfolio? Also, can you please include a category to show the yield? And dividend even, but at least the yield. Thanks! If you fix these things, then I think this is a 5 star app! Thank you.


11 January 2014

This app would be nearly perfect if more commodities could be added by the user. If this is not practical, then it would be nice if the default selection were to show more agricultural commodities. In particular, I am interested in soybeans, wheat, and cotton.


13 November 2013

This app has potential but I found some basic problems. The app doesn't display the Dow Index correctly. On an up day +60pts, the Dow Index tile showed 0. Also any of the videos won't run and I am prompted to install Flash. I have Flash installed, ActiveX Filtering disabled In IE 11, but I don't see any settings for the apps browser. I like the app and hope I can get resolution from the developer.


31 July 2013

Seems to have some very useful features that I won't delve into too much unless I can get rid of the fake portfolio.. if you're running modern mix it won't work well. To remove the portfolio click on settings and you can remove it all at once.


29 July 2013

I don't know how to remove them, but my portfolio contains GE and a few other stocks that I never added. Seems like a good app, if only I could figure out how to start from scratch and not with a preselected portfolio

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