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    -- Version New Feature: see how much money you could earn with Ebates. -- Version Minor Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements. -- Version Minor Updates, including improved UI on Item Tiles and a fix on Item Images not showing up in certain cases. -- Version First Release!

My Purchases (Powered by Slice)

-- Overview -- 'My Purchases' helps you stay organized: know what you bought, where you bought it, and when it will arrive without ever having to check your email. Here's are some of its main features - - 'My Purchases' works seamlessly with your email inbox to find and store the e-receipts from the stuff you buy. - Always Up to Date: Using your inbox, 'My Purchases' updates your orders automatically. So you're always on top of that receipt you don't want to lose. - 'My Purchases' keeps track of what you buy, effortlessly: the secret to the sauce is your email inbox. Just add the email account(s) where you send your merchant notifications, and we'll do the work from there. 'My Purchases' processes shopping-related emails (such as order confirmations and e-receipts from in-store purchases) to help you easily keep track of your stuff. - Secure and Private: 'My Purchases' is powered by Slice, which uses the same encryption security as major US financial institutions. The only emails Slice processes are those related to orders and shipping confirmations. No credit card data is ever accessed and no passwords are stored for any of your online retailer accounts. - Free: 'My Purchases' is a free service and we're committed to staying that way for everyone, especially since we're users ourselves! - Remove Ads and support the developer (Paid App) - 'My Purchases' is powered by Slice - for more information on the Slice service see https://www.slice.com/shopping_intro and https://www.slice.com/how_it_works -- What 'My Purchases' Can Do for You -- 'My Purchases' is designed primarily for people that shop frequently online (at least 3 times/month), but can also benefit other types of shoppers. Check out some real-world scenarios below. If some of them sound familiar, Slice may be a good fit for you. - If you buy from a variety of stores - We keep a record of everything you've bought, all in one place. - If you Buy a lot for others - Holidays, birthdays, baby and wedding showers... there always seems to be an event to shop for. 'My Purchases' makes it easy to remember what you've bought for someone in the past. - If you sometimes forget what you've bought or where you bought it from - with 'My Purchases', all your purchase info is in one place. No having to log into multiple websites, dig through receipts, or manually organize your emails. - If you Return items once in a while - We'll call up your receipt in a click, refer you to the return policy and give you the customer service phone number of any of our supported merchants, right within 'My Purchases'. -- Main Features -- Quickly Search for a Receipt Find Purchases by browsing by Merchant or Category. Graphs and Charts showing trends by Merchant or Category. Access a Merchant's "Return Policy" page and get its support phone number. Easily find an Order Number when contacting a Merchant. Easily order the same item again. -- Quotes (Slice Service) -- "I think this is a spectacular app that I have found immensely useful... I love Slice!" - Leo Laporte, Tech Journalist and Entrepreneur "The service is incredibly secure... Slice is a must-have tool for online shipping... I actually thought it was fun to see how I've spent my money through the years. " - CBS News "The Best Package Tracker" - Lifehacker "One of the Top 10 Productivity Apps You Shouldn't Be Without" - Business Insider -- It's not all flowers and Bumblebees - Known Issues -- - On first run, it may take some time to retrieve the purchase history. - Certain features, such as adding a mailbox or cancelling your service can be done directly on http://www.slice.com 'My Purchases' is the ultimate companion for the online shopper - try it out, we're sure you'll love it! -- Features (Paid App) -- To remove ads and support the developer, please consider upgrading to the paid app - if you shop online, 'My Purchases' has your back.


  • Quickly Search for a Receipt.
  • Find Purchases by browsing by Merchant or Category.
  • Graphs and Charts showing trends by Merchant or Category.
  • Access a Merchant's "Return Policy" page and get its support phone number.
  • Easily find an Order Number when contacting a Merchant.
  • Find Deductions when it's tax time.
  • Easily order the same item again.
  • Live Tiles show the last 5 purchases

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31 May 2015

What an awesome app, I love the easy lookup of any receipt and the cool graphs. Highly recommended!


6 March 2015

The first time I saw my purchase history, I was blown away! It's really cool to browse through the Merchants and Categories, or to quickly search for a receipt. The graphs and charts are also pretty cool - highly recommended!