My Server 2012 R2

My Server 2012 R2 for Windows 8 is an application designed to help you keep seamlessly connected to your server resources through devices running Windows 8. With My Server, you can manage users, devices, alerts, and access shared files in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials. In addition, files that you have recently accessed with My Server files continue to be available to you even when offline.


  • Browse, edit and search files stored on your server
  • Manage users, devices, and alerts
  • Share local resources to server or save server resources locally
  • Access files that you opened recently even without an Internet connection. The changes made offline will be automatically synchronized to the server when online
  • Playback of media files stored on server

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17 November 2015

This APP is nut signing please help.


25 June 2015

If you are having a security error try connecting with the server name versus the ip address of the server. This resolved my connection issue. App works but is fairly limited in what you can and can't do. Would love to see some additional enhancements in terms of being able to work with the dashboard in server essentials 2012r2


3 May 2015

I have a list of things that are missing that would be helpful in the app: * If your account is an Admin, you should be able to create and delete user accounts, possibly set other details (name, contact info, etc.), and see last logon time (since this is a single server, this is just a query to AD lastLogonTimestamp). * it would be nice to be able to also publish remote apps and have them show up in the Windows 8 app. Other than that, I like it. It works great on all my devices.


29 November 2014

Have valid certs, but this app says they are not valid.


9 November 2014

You will get cert errors and invalid user name errors unless you install the root cert AND login as an Administrator. Update the documentation and I'll update my rating.


19 October 2014

This app has never worked for me on Windows 8.1, Windows phone 8.1, Windows Technical Preview. When I open photos to view slide show, I see a black screen, it tries to open photo but it never happens. When I play videos (1080p) it plays in less than 480p quality, both the systems are in same network. I have server 2012 R2 with Essentials role enabled, I rarely have luck using media streaming capability on the web too.


21 April 2014

how to connect to Azure visual machine


13 April 2014

Everytime I try to play videos from the Media Library it crashes saying an unknown error occurred. The videos stream just fine with the VPN connection and Windows Media Player. The app has the same problem on all computers whether they are on the local network on connected through the Windows VPN, or just through the app. Please fix.


16 March 2014

if the security is not valid it will not connect


22 February 2014

Only get untrusted certificate errors.

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