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    1.Add function to edit the picture. 2.Add function to share on Facebook. 3.Beautify the UI.


MyFrames helps you combine multiple photos (unlimited photos) into eye-catching frames so that you can adjust all your photos into any shapes you like. With thousands of adjustable random frames, borders, rounded corners, patterns and customized background, you will always make your combination of your photos in a unique and colorful look. Such as you can put all your photos of one day into MyFrames to expressing what you did the whole day. With MyFrames, you will find it's not a miracle for you to be an expert of combining photos. Also you can edit the photos: Enhance, Effects, Adding text and so many others. (Thanks the support from Aviary) Finally, you can easily share your frames to Facebook. MyFrames is a powerful and fantastic app for you; meanwhile, it's very easy to use. Click add picture button to get more frames. Click frame to load picture. Edit the picture. Choose a frame/layout. Change border/background/size/rounded corner. ... Save it or share it. Main Features: Unlimited photos could be added into MyFrames. MyFrames doesn't limit the number of photos, you can add thousands photos to it if you have. Thousands of adjustable layouts. MyFrames will offer you different types of layout according to the number of your photos. And it will offer you the right layout spontaneously after you drag photos into it without click the layout button. Remember history of the recent used layouts. Add a photo into frame can replace the early one. Convenient frame slider will let you customize inner frame size. Rounded corner. Change round radius and border with a slider that let you control photo's curvature. Slide the margin line and space line to change the photos' size. Shadow radius will let your photo's color become more layering and have an obvious contrast. Easy color picker for background color and border color, it will let your photo become more colorful, and what's more, it can remember color history that you used. Support pattern and customized background. Offer you ten kinds of regular pattern, or you can choose your different pattern from your own picture files to make your combined photo more interesting. High resolution. Choose the resolution according to your needs, you can pick the regular resolution or input resolution data by yourself.


  • Unlimited photos could be added into MyFrames.
  • Thousands of adjustable layouts.

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1 April 2013

I brought the full version of this app and it doesn't do any thing!!! I cant change the layout or add more than one photo!!! So irked!!!!! (REFUND)


23 February 2013

This app only has one frame, complete waste of money