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The famous Win.Phone app. "myVideos 3D+" (1,3M users,4.2/5.0 rating) for Win 8.1/RT! Selected from Intel Software Group as a special app showcase for All-In-One Devices! myPlayer 3D+ FREE is an innovative cloud-enabled Media Effect Player and Video Editing app that extends the visual feeling in your Windows PC/tablet. You can Play, PlayTo or Edit all videos and music files that are stored either on your PC, on nearby PC’s, on Removable Storage (USB flash disks, Windows Phone), on your OneDrive account, on your Google Drive or your DropBox account. The player uses the powerful FFMPEG library and it supports almost all video or audio codecs that may exist, so you will not worry about the media file types. It plays everything! Special Effects can be added during the playback, making your videos really exciting! The most advanced is to watch the normal (2D) video in 3D mode (with anaglyph glasses). Totally, 16 unique effects are supported! With myPlayer 3D+ you can also Create new Videos from an existing one, and add one of the Real Time Video Effects (make them 3D from 2D, Cartoon, Lomogaphic, Vignette, Old Movie, Halftone etc). You can also Create Playlists from your favorite’s media by combining videos and music from your collections together in the same list. Finally, you are also able to download to your PC every video that is stored elsewhere (OneDrive. Google Drive, DropBox, Web), or upload every local video to your OneDrive. As far as we know there isn’t such application exist in no platform, so we are very proud to bring it for the first time to Windows Store! If you want to expand the app. with more features, effects, etc, just send us an email. We would like to hear from you. If you like the app. please give us a good rating or write a small review.


  • Play, PlayTo or Edit Videos and Music files that are stored on your PC, on nearby PC’s, on Removable Storage, OneDrive, Google Drive or a Dropbox account. 2 UI's (Tablet-Desktop mode)!
    1. Supports every video or audio file type that exists (flv, mkv, webm, mp4, mov, mpg, flac, mp3, aac, etc..)
    1. Play videos using 16 unique Effects in real-time playback: 2D, 3D (watch with anaglyph glasses – 6 types of glasses supported), Cartoon, Lomo,Old Movie, Vintage, Sketch, Blur, Warhol, Pixelate,etc.
    1. PlayTo option: Allows you to send the media file (video or music) for playback to other DLNA devices near you
    1. Adjust the Volume, the Contrast, the Brightness and the Saturation of the video. View in Full Screen or Normal
    1. Subtitles support (.vtt or .srt files supported)
    1. Rotate/Flip the video. 6 different cases are supported (0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees, flip horizontally, flip vertically)
    1. Take a snapshot and automatically save it as .jpg
    1. Switch modes without stop
    1. Toolbars for Playlists and for switching between Play or PlayTo
    1. Add one of the 16 Real Time Video Effects and stylize the new video (3D, Cartoon, Lomogaphic, Vintage, Warhol, Old Movie, etc).
    1. Adjust the Brightness, the Contrast or the Saturation of the new video
    1. Trim the video using sliders
    1. Convert a video from one media format to one of the following: MP4 (.mp4), WMV (.wmv) or AVI (.avi), e.g. flv -> mp4, webm -> mp4, etc..
    1. Use different media profiles and resolutions for the new video
    1. Video File Types: .3gp,.wmv,.mp4,.avi,.3g2,.m4v,.mov,.mpg,.mpeg,.m2v,.ts,.flv,.asf,.drc,.f4b,.gif,.gifv,.mkv,.mng,.mp2,.mpe,.mpv,.mxf,.nsv,.ogv,.qt,.rm,.rmvb,.roq,.svi,.vob,.webm,.yuv
    1. Audio File Types: .m4a,.aac,.mp3,.wma,.wav,.act,.aiff,.amr,.ape,.au,.awb,.dct,.dss,.dvf,.flac,.gsm,.iklax,.ivs,.m4p,.mmf,.mpc,.msv,.oga,.ogg,.opus,.ra,.raw,.tta,.vox,.wv

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29 June 2016

It says folder and then a lot of letters and doesn't let me go anywhere it just goes back to my videos


2 June 2016

Instantly crashes. Not worth your time.


21 November 2015

No music overlays?


23 October 2015

I wish they had cool transitions and stuff for editing that ill be cool if they added that


19 October 2015



11 August 2015

will not play MTS files


5 August 2015

not even worth installing


2 August 2015

so cool I love this app


25 July 2015

it would of bin nice to understand the difrent styles of 3d glasses


18 July 2015

This app has a very 'ugly' design/ layout and is not simple to use. It looks like a child's game, and is full of adds. don't bother with this one.

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