Network Port Scanner

This application offers port scanning to test your network security. See what ports are open on your network and for what ip addresses they are open. You can setup an ip range and a port range to scan.


  • Network Port Scanner

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17 January 2016

Good Windows app for checking open TCP/UDP ports open or closed. That being said, while using Windows 8.1. Text doesn't display properly if split left or right. Also, display became blank setting port range to 65535.


12 January 2016



9 January 2015

I downloaded to my computer and to my son's. On his computer, the IP address window only shows 3 windows for the starting IP address. Go figure. Also, it seems to scan other computers on the LAN but all ports the computer running the scan show 0.


21 December 2014

I've tried scanning multiple devices that are on my network and it shows 0 open ports on all of them.


6 November 2014



5 November 2014



15 August 2014

This app returns fake network scan results. When I scan my local network, it says ports 25, 110, 119, 143, 465, 563, 587, 993, 995 are open on IP addresses that are not even assigned to a computer or network device. I stopped the slow scan because and is not assigned to any device. All devices on my network has an IP address above, including the router itself.


20 December 2013

I would be nice if it found a recognized port that needs to be open and tell you what its for and what its connecting to , just too simplified and doesn't give you complete details about why the port is opened.


24 November 2013

Nice little scanner. I forgot what IP my network printer web portal page was on and grabbed this app to find it. By scanning my wireless net IP range for port 80 I quickly found it. Great job! Only complaint is that if you scan all ports it's very slow. Need to be rewritten as a multithreaded app for the fifth star.


17 November 2013

Could only handle IP, rather restricted. I recommend that the author of the app use a single field for a target computer for flexibility as well as allowing for both IPv4 and IPv6

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