newsXpresso Pro

newsXpresso Pro is a smart and friendly news reader that allows you to follow your favorite news, videos, magazines, and blogs in multiple languages and global regions. Browse through extensive content catalog to create a fully personalized news reading experience. Read beautifully presented articles arranged in a magazine layout, and view interesting YouTube videos in full-screen. Also, with the 3D page flipping effect, the smooth transition gives you the feel of actually flipping a book.


  • 24/7 real-time news
  • A fully personalized news reading experience with 3D page flipping effect.
  • Easy to navigate Catalog, comprising of an extensive list of over 9000 news sources. Localized curated content from 22 regions.
  • Built-in YouTube player allows you to watch videos in full-screen.
  • More choices in font style and text size to fit your reading need.
  • Chic magazine style layout.
  • Near-print quality reading experience.
  • Support 15 languages.
  • Search and add more channels that you like by entering keywords or URL.
  • Display search results in categories: News, RSS, YouTube, Picasa, and Facebook Pages.
  • Include Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and Feedly management in Editor’s Choice.
  • Follow your Facebook News Feed, Friends, Groups, and Likes.

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23 November 2015

Great and informative app, very news worthy


20 November 2015

Nice looking app... but a news app that refuses to update is useless.


14 October 2015

Excellent reader. The selections are vast and current. I can recommend with no hesitation.


9 August 2015

A great way to explore stories , love turning the pages, then reading the article...really first to go to for everything!!!


2 August 2015

love the interface and selection of categories'. Nice touch with the flip of the page, books are still alive....


1 August 2015

Great app!


13 July 2015

Solid in-depth news coverage.


4 July 2015

This replaces all my reader, highly recommended!! You definitely have to try this.


1 July 2015

MSNNews = NooseMedia newsXpresso = ChooseMedia This app is ahead of the curve!! Compared with the MSN News app that came automatically installed on my computer with windows8 newsXpresso actually opens RSS feeds like it advertises whereas MSN News application does not! It shows the news I'm interested in instead of all the canned spam the main stream media wants me to consume... Thanks newsXpresso!!!


11 June 2015

Great app! It has pre bundled topic to save tour time. However, if you like custom sources (like me), it gives you the ability to add any RSS link you choose. The layout is FANTASTIC! I like flipping through articles like a magazine. I like magazines but usually go through them in a couple days. This is like having my own personal daily magazine. I am a fan. Now, just work on the android version and you'll be in business!

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