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  • Notes:
    - Fixed an issue where the AM/PM would display incorrectly under certain regional settings - Fixed an issue where snoozing an alarm and then deleting that alarm would still sound the snoozed alarm - Fixed an issue in snapped view when displaying the alarm details page - Fixed an issue where a weather request could cause a crash - Added a confirmation when deleting an alarm that is part of a repeating sequence - Made it possible to stop previewing an alarm's audio - Fixed an issue with World Clock theme which was making the app crash whenever a new clock was added.

Night Stand HD 2

Night Stand HD 2 helps you make the most of your day and stay healthy with it's unique Aggressive Alarm mode. This is the first release of the Windows 8 port of Night Stand HD 2 which includes 4 themes: - Classic LCD - Milk - World Clock - Flip In addition, the Windows 8 version of Night Stand HD 2 comes with an exclusive new feature called Read Agenda. The Read Agenda function will read aloud your schedule for the day after the alarm sounds. This can help you get a grip on the day ahead before your eyes are ready to face the day. Please send us feedback via info@spoonjuice.com and we hope you enjoy using Night Stand HD 2! Notes: - Read agenda feature is dependent on being granted access to the calendar in the user's Microsoft Account. - You *must* leave the app running and the device active for the alarm to sound.


  • Beautifully designed themes
  • View multiple time-zones at once
  • Schedule one-off and recurring alarms
  • Alarms that speak your agenda
  • Weather display with current temperature

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3 February 2016

The date is wrong and there is no option to correct it. It says it is September when it's February. The date and time on my tablet is correct so why would the month be wrong? Midnight on the digital clock shows as 0 and it's not set to military time and even if it was it still shouldn't show as 0 for the hour.


9 February 2014

Needs to show 12 instead of 0 for the 12 am Add function to set snooze time amount


20 October 2013

love this app I now have a clock now ... with todays tack we real do not have clocks any more that we (out side of your phones) I just would like to see it fade to darker background so it not so in your face.. aka black and gray not gray and black


10 September 2013

im a fan of this guy. after having tried out every other free app I came straight back here. solid feature set and great design


9 August 2013

it is cool


15 June 2013

Why does this app always display military time when I turn the option off? Please fix this app. I was about to purchase this until I saw this broken feature.


10 June 2013

never was able to add new time zone, so i have no use for this.


5 June 2013

When the alarm goes off you first have to acknowledge the notification, THEN the alarm goes off. Not very effective at waking you up.


28 May 2013

I use this in my living room as a rather Loud and obnoxious clock / alarm, which it works great for on my 52" screen ;). would work GREAT on a Windows 8 Surface Tab. I also use this on my I-pod and love both iterations of it. Best alarm clock on all platforms as far as I have see and tested.


21 May 2013

I really like this clock and the themes it comes with. But there is a bug that keeps this only in 24 hour mode. Also, the alarm works only when not letting the device sleep. That is only beneficial if you're docked. Awesome free app, though!

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