Nippon News

Interested in Japan? Do you like anime or manga or perhaps J-pop? Or are you a J-rock fan, waiting for news of X-Japan’s next album? Or perhaps Japanese art, culture or food, or common day life? Maybe you watch sports, even sumo wrestling? Or are you a business man interested in Japan as investment opportunity? Download Nippon News to read news of all kinds of things going on in Japan. Beautiful art makes reading news a better experience than just blank white or black background. Sumo wrestling news has a wonderful traditional Sumo wrestling background image while Stage section has fearsome Hannya demon as background. Discover other backgrounds while using the app. Share news to your friends in Facebook or Twitter or by email using Windows 8 share feature. Pin news sections to your Windows 8 start screen as live tiles. These tiles will keep you updated. News sections include: National news, Asia Pacific news, Business news, World news, Music General, Music – J-Pop, Music – J-Rock, Film, TV, Art, Stage, Events, Books, Anime, Baseball, Soccer, Judo, Basketball, Boxing, Sumo, Figure skating, Voices, Issues, Events, Our lives, How-tos, Jobs, Digital, Travel, Environment, Food, Style & Design, Language, Lifestyle, People, What Japan Thinks, Editorials, Commentary and Reader mail


  • News from dozens of sections, all about Japan
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Share news to your friends
  • Pin news sections as live tiles to keep updated
  • Nippon News is totally free!