Nite Buddy

100% Ad Free! The only Windows 8 Alarm Clock to feature Real-Time Traffic! Nite Buddy is a full-featured alarm clock featuring beautifully designed weather-specific backgrounds, real-time traffic, news, weather, and sports. Enable the live tile and get a clock right on your Start Screen! Download today for FREE! To set the alarm bring up the Settings Charm and click Alarm.


  • Alarm Clock
  • Real-Time Traffic
  • News
  • Sports
  • Weather
  • Money
  • Live Tile
  • Clock

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20 May 2015

I can't make my own alarm system!!!


17 October 2014

excellent application, works for me.--thanks--ron


9 April 2014

so far so good I wish you could change the temp to Celsius tho


19 November 2013

Not much in the settings can't change anything but clock. No weather. Traffic is based on the ISP connection location. So if u connect40 miles away that's your traffic. No way to make it search local. Etch.... needß work. Pretty clock about it


19 October 2013

As has already been said, this app looks great. You should be able to program the days for the alarm, so you won't get woken up on your day off. A basic alarm option would be good from the choices - or better yet, track/s from one's music library? The live tile lags a bit - but it has replaced my old clock and alarm apps.


29 September 2013

This app doesn't function properly, so I am just going to get my own alarm clock...


14 September 2013

only minor quibble - need more alarm choices


12 September 2013

This Ap does not show weather.


11 September 2013

Weather does not show on app


23 August 2013

I really like this! The numbers are huge, and the computer doesn't go into sleep mode when this is on! Sometimes, I take a break when I'm on the computer, and I want to put up a great big clock while I take the break. That's what I use nite buddy for.

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