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MetaMoJi Note is a cross-platform note taking app, PDF annotation tool, and a digital scrapbook for your life. Sketch your ideas visually with stylish pens and ink, take notes, or annotate imported PDF documents. MetaMoJi Note is a virtual whiteboard for sketching, annotation, scrapbooking or digital mashup. Premium upgrades include voice recording, handwriting recognition and text conversion, automatic synchronization of documents, and a shared drive. MetaMoJi Note is the only note-taking app available across all major mobile platforms. Winner of multiple awards: Tabby Award for Best Personal Productivity App - Silver Stevie® Award for International Business - Finalist for Appy Award for Productivity - #1 Productivity App in Japan Capture, share, and access your inspiration anywhere, anytime! Key Features • Write, sketch or draw notes with a variety of pens, paper layouts and graphics, including calligraphy pens and inks • Scale your document up to a whiteboard or down to a sticky note while still maintaining 100% visual integrity • Import a PDF file, mark it up as needed, and save it as another PDF file • Share creations by email or upload to Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr • Easy file storing and sharing via OneDrive • Sync all folders to the MetaMoJi Cloud, a cloud service that allows you to save and manage your documents (up to 2GB for free) • Save drawings as individual JPEG graphics in the items library for later use • Interactively browse the web from within the app and mark up sites • Built-in spell checker • Smart cropping tool vastly extends photo editing • Premium feature: Handwriting Recognition - mazec (13 languages) - converts handwritten text to typed text on the fly or later with this conversion engine. MetaMoJi Note Lite is free to download and use. MetaMoJi Note adds the great features above, along with voice memo, audio editing, text formatting, and password protection capabilities. The Gold Service offers advanced cloud storage, auto sync, and unlimited access to optional inks, premium items, papers and note styles for more professional results. Here are some ways to use MetaMoJi Note for your personal and business life: • Generate quick notes and to-do lists • Capture and markup website pages • Sketch drawings for illustrating lesson plans • Mark up and sign contracts and critical business documents in PDF form • Use as an interactive whiteboard to brainstorm and present during team meetings • PDF and photo annotation • Review/edit documents and share feedback through email • Draw a mind map or flowchart of ideas • Outline an essay, article or story • Create your own “Pinterest” board and share via social networks • Digital scrapbooking • Play games • Design flyers or greeting cards • Maintain a digital calendar • Compile recipes • Create a party invitation Learn more: More about MetaMoJi Note: Support: Twitter: Facebook: YouTube: USTREAM: Contact us:

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14 April 2015

The calligraphy is awesome. I hate when it lags and that slows me down when I write notes. Sometimes it doesn't even respond to pen and what I write becomes scribble. I was thinking to buy the full version but I would like to convert my notes to PDF file and I want it to prove with some bugs. I suggest for everyone to wait until they update it and allows notes to be converted to PDF. I wish if it was like UPAD app on ipads.


18 December 2014

I have been using notability app on the ipad for a few years, and when I made the switch to a windows tablet, a good annotation app was hard to find. WELL THIS APP IS THE FIX. It works incredibly well and similar to the notability app. I am really surprised the reviews have been negative. it has a free 2gig cloud service, sync's with my desktop, windows table and iPhone 6. AND ITS FREE!


9 June 2014

Seriously. The worst pen lag ever.


17 April 2014

This app would be ideal for me.. if it actually worked consistently. I love that I can get signatures, then type the names in the next row - so much easier than trying to read crappy stylus writing. It lags when ppl try to sign, which causes frustration with the population I serve... I'm willing to work around that what I can not deal with is the random inability to open files, the program not opening, saying files are corrupt, then they open fine later.. I would have been happy to pay for the upgraded version had this one worked consistently. Instead, I paid for a different program that doesn't have that wonderful dual typing/writing ability I want (or the handrest feature) but at least it seems to work more consistently. The saving is also pretty tedious and annoying - it'd be nice if there was an option to save directly to PDF. Still, workable & not a deal breaker. Wish it worked more consistently - could be great.


14 April 2014

Really like everything about this app, however it crashes way too often. I was going to purchase the real version but am reluctant because of the crashing. Will purchase once this problem is resolved.


21 March 2014

This is good for maybe making really quick notes in big letters. If you need to annotate documents, or take lecture notes using a stylus this is not the app for this.


16 March 2014

Currently Foxit and Xodo is better for general PDF viewing and annotations. This app does have more features and options for notes though but UI isn't easy to use. Asus T100 - Win 8.1


4 March 2014

extremely useful for students


15 February 2014

I think the basic app is good enough, but if you are a professional user, I suggest you buy it. I am still contemplating!


27 January 2014

This app is really fabulous. I like it... and it free.

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