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    For release 5 of Note Sphere the following changes have been made: - When in portrait mode, note editing can now use the full width of the screen and the note list automatically hidden. - It is now possible to turn on and off spell checking. - A bug existed which would crash the app if the last category was blank, and was then selected after zooming out of the notes list, this has been fixed. - A bug existed which meant it was possible to create multiple blank notes in categories, although the bug didn't affect the first category. This has been fixed.

Note Sphere

Note Sphere allows you to write down notes in a quick and simple way, without any fuss or hassle caused by the app getting in your way. As Note Sphere is developed and future versions released, the changes which are made are heavily influenced by suggestions from Note Sphere users. Since the first release of Note Sphere people have provided some great suggestions which are now present in the app.


  • Categorise Notes
  • Pin notes to the Start Screen
  • Share Notes – to/from other apps
  • Search
  • Printing
  • Backup and restore the notes database
  • Import and export notes from/to text files - you can even save individual notes to SkyDrive
  • Snapped, portrait and landscape views supported
  • Spell checking

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1 January 2015

Love it


9 September 2014

Simple to use, seamless snapped integration, quick and responsive. Exactly what I needed. Shows a list of current notes, click the name of the note to see the note itself in the viewing pane on the bottom. Add, edit and delete from the same window. This is the note app that everyone should have.


25 April 2014

simple. works Well with stylus. easy in-app access to all the notes.


2 April 2014

The app is great overall. But it'd be great if text editing settings were added (Font style, bold letters etc.). Plus, if it wasn't always on the "editing" mode, it'd look cooler...like after I am done with writing a note it should be displayed as a normal text (and if I do want to edit, I can edit going through the settings)...get the picture?


18 March 2014

A very productive and beautiful app.


26 February 2014

Loved this app instantly ! It is so clean and neat. Highly recomended


1 January 2014

this app is perfect and simple. its easy to quickly just take down notes and organize. thumbs up to this.


7 December 2013

I have to commend the developers of this app, I was looking for an app that would allow me to keep tabs on different stocks and trading ideas with an area to expand on my thoughts. This does all that and allows me to organize and track everything in a pretty effective and easy to use package. Keep up the good work!


5 October 2013

I love how simple and well organized the app is. I always almost everything . Just wondering if this is safe, I mean I also store passwords and important files, but I guess it does anyway. I would request they put a PIN Code for the app too or per category perhaps.


13 September 2013

Awesome!!! I love this app just a couple of things. I would like to change the back ground just a few ,darker colors. I also would like to make some things bold for a header. I no it will get better because this company cares about there product. Again AWESOME!!!!

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