NoteDown is a simple Windows 8 notepad with an amazing User Interface and several new features. Supported on all architecture (ARM, x86, x64), NoteDown is designed to give a simple notepad-style experience supporting the creation and editing of plain text (*.txt) and rich text format (*.rtf). Supported screen resolutions : 1366 x 768 or greater.


  • Open, Edit and Save .txt Documents
  • Open, Edit and Save .rtf Documents
  • Ability to choose the font family and change the font size
  • The ability to make a online search of selected text
  • The possibility to translate selected text
  • You can share your text via email
  • Simple printer interface
  • Listening to music while you're writing.
  • Navigate throught the Windows File Picker UI's to choose your file

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14 August 2014

did a whole paper and it deleted it without saving


24 January 2014