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    2.3 [NEW FEATURES] * Kdan Cloud now supports resuming broken transfer * Free covers [PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT] * Improved satiability for drawing * Optimized for Windows 10 * Other bug fixes ~ + Support Chinese (Traditional & Simplified) and Japanese user interface + Enable push notification to receive the latest news, note-taking tips, and special offers from NoteLedge

NoteLedge for Windows 8

NoteLedge is an all-in-one multimedia note-taking app that gives you everything you need to take notes and organize mixed-media content. This app comes with versatile editing tools for you to type, write, draw, insert photos, record audio and video, and personalize your notes with stickers, papers and covers. Keep everything organized in one place and get creative with your notes. NoteLedge is the only app you need for note-taking, journal writing, sketching, scrapbooking, and documentation. All the Must-have Features: POWERFUL EDITING TOOLS + Realistic handwriting and drawing experience + 4 essential brushes including pencil, crayon, ink brush and fountain pen + Choose among 12 classic paper styles + Get creative with hundreds of stickers + Various fonts/colors/sizes are available for text typing + Take notes and record audio simultaneously + Audio and video recording supported + Export audio and video recordings to your device + Zoom in and zoom out the editing area with two-finger pinch + Rearrange page order with easy movements of your fingers CAPTURE IDEAS INSTANTLY + Jot down ideas with smooth handwriting and drawing tools + Add captions to photos simply by drawing or typing on the inserted images KEEP EVERYTHING ORGANIZED + Personalize note covers with your own photos + Manage your notes via color tags + Group your notes according to different subjects + Use the file clone feature to create a copy of your note + Back up your notes to cloud storage of your choice SHARE YOUR LIFE THE EASIEST WAY + Share your masterpieces on a wide range of social media of your choice + Export your notes in PNG image format SYNC & ACCESS YOUR NOTES ANYTIME, ANYWHERE + Support Kdan Cloud - Sync and access your notes across NoteLedge for Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android. + Sign up and verify your account to get 500 MB of free space NoteLedge is now on Facebook! Become our fan and get the latest news, tips and special offers! https://www.facebook.com/noteledge We value your feedback, but we cannot answer you in the comments. Please contact us directly at appservice@kdanmobile.com or leave your comment in our Facebook fan page, we are committed to serve our customers.


  • Support texts, inserting photos, audio & video recording
  • Take notes and record audio simultaneously
  • Write & draw with 4 essential brushes
  • Get creative with hundreds of stickers
  • 12 classic paper styles
  • Share notes via Email and social networks
  • Backup notes to cloud storage
  • Sort your notes via name, tags and date
  • Sync and access your notes across Windows 8, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Android

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19 November 2015

And for visual journals as well. Very well designed for touch


26 October 2015

I have to admit, this app is so amazing, that I don't have to waste any money on sketchbooks. Note: We only need layers and paint bucket tools on this app. Thank You!


25 July 2015

Seems like a really great app by the intro, but how do you add a new note? I don't see the app bar they are talking about and the intro mentions a button in the app bar that lets you make a new note so I can't actually use the app


12 September 2014

Using Win 8.1 bought from Store. Not as advertised in Store or website. No way to rename files, export other than jpeg. Could be good on phone but obviously not set up for 8.1.


23 June 2014

Probably the best pen-writing app for Windows 8.1 but comes up seriously lacking against Samsung's S-Note in pen responsiveness.


3 May 2014

This is good app but it need's more work. I really don't like the background in the app, its really distracting and its ugly not something I want to look at for hours at a time. Plus I can export to jpg only? Where is PDF export! Right now its not worth $7.


1 May 2014

Like the write directly in note pad. Don't like the fact have lost pages in the past. Still unstable.


31 January 2014

I want to purchase the app but I live in Australia your credit card payment form only allows for USA buyers can you fix it?


7 December 2013



25 November 2013

Smooth handwriting with stylus and excellent picture manipulation. Overall: great performance. Right now, I only ask: 1) different papers, with different line spacing 2) pen-only mode 3) Portrait mode and two-finger scrolling while using landscape mode PS: wow! I just saw a video of your IPad's version! Amazing! Please keep the pace to bring all those functions!

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