Nutty Run!

Go Nuts! A Nuts Co. truck is giving away free nuts, chase it down to snag as many as you can! Collect acorns while weaving through traffic, grab power-ups to gain incredible abilities, and gather as many nuts as possible! Turn into Super Squirrel to soar the desert skies with the birds, or run at lightning-fast speed to dash past cars and leave them in the dust! Who knows what other powers will turn up... Enjoy comical mischief from knocking birds out of the sky, dressing as a superhero, and taking in the radiant desert view, like no squirrel has done before. Play using simple two-input controls, with the option of on-screen buttons or an endless Free Run for easier gameplay.


  • Stunning desert scenery
  • Super powers
  • Optional control buttons
  • Free Run mode

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29 December 2014

This game Is dumb it's nothing like FUN RUN