Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck 3D

Off Road 4x4 Hill Climb Truck allows you to be a Truck Hill driver with an iron will to drive through the mountains and hills with high speed. Land sliding and extreme weather conditions of hill station could block your path at any time. Precision driving is required in hill climbing and uphill driver routine. Extreme hill climb driving could be a difficult duty to drive the cargo truck in extreme conditions. Drive on a narrow path in a rugged terrain with your uphill climb truck. You will also find drilling crane trying to break rocks near the mountains. Climb racing with cargo truck is an awesome concept for everyone like in other tourist games and Truck Hill Climbing games.


  • 10 Extreme And Thrilling Truck Hill Climbing
  • Rugged Terrain Environment With Rocky Mountains & Rocks
  • Sharp Turns And Realistic Truck Driving
  • Realistic Rocky Environment To Explore
  • Endless Driving Fun With Truck Driver Duty

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3 February 2016



29 November 2015