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    In this update, we added: - Seven new in-app purchases featuring new and improved workout packages - Shot Tracker system for tracking your progress on shooting drills


OneBasketball is an all-in-one basketball training program designed to give you all the basketball drills you need to become the complete basketball player. OneBasketball challenges players around the world to step up and realize the opportunity they have with the game of basketball. Think about your last game. Did you take enough shots to make you a better shooter? Not enough time is given to individual basketball skills training, often because players are unsure of what a structured basketball workout entails. Any time that is spent in the gym often leads to "shooting around" without any goals or direction. OneBasketball wants to change that mentality and get players more focused on improving their basketball skills every time they step in the gym through the program's specific basketball drills and progressive workout program. Including 140+ basketball drills organized in 16 different workouts and integrated with our Shot Tracker system, OneBasketball app creates the perfect tool to help you develop to your full basketball potential.


  • 140+ basketball drills that simulate a basketball game with video demonstration for each
  • 16 structured and progressive basketball workouts focusing on improving a player’s shooting, dribbling, and individual scoring moves on the court
  • Nearly all drills are designed to be performed by one person, with one ball, and one basket
  • OneBasketball Shot Tracker System which allows you to record your shooting performance on all the basketball drills
  • Available for in-app purchase are 15 exercises to increase your vertical jump
  • Available for in-app purchase are 14 medicine ball exercises to develop core strength
  • Available for in-app purchase are 10 drills that will make you faster, quicker and more agile
  • Available for in-app purchase are 11 advanced ball handling drills to take your handle to the next level
  • Available for in-app purchase are 11 partner shooting drills that will have you working hard with a buddy
  • Available for in-app purchase are 13 total body strength and stability exercises using the TRX suspension trainer

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7 April 2015

I love the app. The shooting drills is especially good. The best basketball training app out there!


8 July 2014

good way to tell you about the game of basketball!:)


22 November 2013

This is a great app for beginners and advanced players alike. I recommend it to all of my players during the offseason or to sharpen up on specific areas of their game.


24 June 2013

I really like the premise of this app, and design is great (I love when apps take advantage of the app bar). Why is there no sound in the videos?