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    Version - Fixed a version mismatch in the About page to avoid confusion. - Fixed a minor bug when trying to create new outfits without any dress or top/bottom in the inventory. - Fixed a bug when running for the first time and user name has special characters. Version - Fixed bugs when renaming Types and deleting Inventory Items. - Added progress indication when deleting Inventory Items. - Removed discarded outfits from search results. - Added "(DELETED)" to Item name when viewing deleted items from History page. - Fixed compatibility issue with Windows 8.1. - Improved logging and crash reporting.


Whether planning outfits for a casual outing or a formal event, Outfitzy will help facilitate the process of what to wear by putting together outfit combinations using your registered wardrobe. You will be able to choose among several options to find the perfect outfit to match your needs. Outfitzy will also help you avoid repeating outfits by keeping track of everything you worn. You can also register where you went and who you met. To help you get familiar with Outfitzy, it is installed with a full set of sample data. You can add more items, edit any of them, delete as much as you want, all without any risk to your own items. You can even switch back and forth between your own inventory and the Sample Data using the Settings charm. If you think you made too many changes to the Sample Data, just go to Settings and reset it to return to its original content. There are no feature limitations during the trial period!


  • Create outfits based on Event, Temperature and Weather.
  • Lock one or more items you like and Outfitzy will create outfits based on them.
  • Change individual items to refine an outfit
  • Use options like: favorites, items never worn, recent purchases, or do not repeat outfit.
  • Discard the outfits you think you would never wear and Outfitzy will remember that for you.
  • Select between dress only, top and bottom, or let Outfitzy select one for you at random.
  • Register your garments under different types: Accessories, Outerwear, Handbags, Tops, Bottoms, Dresses, and Shoes.
  • Provide just a photo, or as much details as you want: Store, Brand, Color, Size, Purchase Date, Price, Description, etc.
  • Record any picture you have or find them on the web as inspiration items.
  • View your inventory items in several ways: by category, only the ones you have never worn, only favorites, recent purchases, etc. Order them by name or create date.
  • View all your inventory items and inspirations when in snapped mode.
  • Browse a full history of all outfits you have worn to remember when, with whom and where you wore it.
  • Share your items and inspirations with friends through email, Facebook, etc.
  • Search items, inspirations and outfits by any keyword.
  • Full set of sample data to let you play as much as you want.
  • Fully customizable lists let you adjust Outfitzy to your own needs.
  • Help available in each screen.

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23 January 2015

It was love at first sight. I hope I enjoy it as I keep using it!


22 January 2014

I thought it was awesome! you sure should try out the trial first tho. but you do need to put a lot of work into it, but once your done, it's the coolest!


3 January 2014

I love this app!! I now have my closet in my laptop, I like that I can save my outfits and create new outfits. I can see everything I have without going to my closet. The only problem is that when I create an outfit, and I don't want to use accessories for my outfit, there is no way (or I can't find how) I can put that I don't want accessories, or handbag etc. for that specific outfit. I find out how :) I added a blank white photo on the outerwear category and another one on the accessories category, so when I don't want a jacket or necklace with my outfit, I put the blank photo. I - L O V E - T H I S - A P P!!


11 November 2013

This app is useless on more than 1 computer. I liked it ok on my table, but wanted to use it on my deskstop, too--you know, what the whole windwos 8 thing is about, but the apps don't talk to each other. They don't sync. They seem to be stand alone and not taking advantage of Windows 8 platform. Also, the categories and colors are too feminine. I'm a guy and wanted to try tracking my outfits....you know, try and look all stylish...I mean, I made do, but would have been nice to be more customizable.


7 August 2013

Only had this for 5 mins but if there's options for guys they're buried somewhere in the fine print. Went through setup, preferences and settings but couldn't find a way to orient this app to a dude. I'll keep trying - my wife is going to love it.


30 July 2013

I love this app. It has so much potential to be even greater. I just think that there should be a few things added. Maybe instead so putting belts, scarves and jewelry in the same square have a way to make square for them since you could wear a belt and jewelry. Also, there should be a way it can actually use the color aspect. Other than that I've loved using this app.


15 March 2013

keeps kicking me out of Windows 8 when I attempt to delete - Would be nice if you could add Types - Also could use a better search feature - And would be nice if you could add more than 1 accessory to an outfit - Would like to be able to save outfits for a future event - I could go on... I am enjoying this app though. Thanks!!