Pan Cake Maker Crown Game

Grab your Chef's Hat and a pinafore, prepare your dishware and oven mitts - today you are going to cook something very SPECIAL - tasty holiday PAN CAKES! Welcome to the ample kitchen where every cooking unit is near at hand and where any housewife can easily elicit her cooking potential. You have various kitchen appliances and ware: a mixer, bowls, plates, jars, a crepes pan and, of course, a cooking stove with its oven which is essential to make fine cuisine. Today you will try to make HOLIDAY pan cakes for your family, but don't be afraid if you're going to do it for the first time! You will try cooking with your helper - a cute kitten who is always ready to lend you a hand, so be confident you'll manage the task! Welcome to the Pan Cake Maker game! --------------------------------------------------------- FOR PARENTS: Every child sooner or later wants to become self-dependent and has a strong desire to try everything in the world! This game gives children a great opportunity not only to entertain themselves but rather to learn something new, to get prepared for life, to develop their confidence and attention. Cooking PAN CAKES would become their first interesting experience and gives them a lot of fun! How To Play? - Select any RECIPE you like and follow simple steps to make incredibly tasty pan cakes! - Don't be lost in many different ingredients! ADD eggs, butter, sugar, flavour and other products, MIX them together, CREATE your pan cakes, and finally DECORATE them with strawberries, fruits, whipped cream, various topping and chocolate! - Mind you cat-helper, follow the recipe list and you'll make the most DELICIOUS pan cakes ever! Boys and girls! Turn on your imagination and elicit your cooking potential with our Pan Cake Maker!


  • Plenty of different PRODUCTS: from eggs to fruit toppings!
  • You own light and cozy KITCHEN with all necessary dishware and cooking appliances!

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5 March 2015

I Love it