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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Feedback is appreciated, either by rating or email. 2.1 Release Notes - Minor bug fixes


A secure journal app with formatted text, colorful drawings, and filter/sort capability


  • Entries are always encrypted
  • Specify a password to open (optional). Lock button and lock screen available when password is set
  • List entries by date created or date modified, ascending or descending order
  • Search entries for a key phrase
  • Typed entries - apply text color, bold/italic/underline formatting, numbered/bulleted lists. Spell-checking and text-prediction (for virtual keyboard) supported
  • Drawn entries - use mouse, touch, or stylus to draw and erase figures. Canvas scrolling and zooming supported
  • Save to and import from backup files. Export typed entries to .RTF files and drawn entries to .PNG files

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21 June 2015

I like this app, its simple to use, and it utilizes the edge swipe menu in Windows 8. It has frozen my Surface RT, though, and I've lost only what I was typing before the last backup. My tip; backup often. But if you don't want to deal with frozen devices, don't buy until there is an update to combat the lag.


6 April 2015

I found this app both satisfying and frustrating. First, the satisfying part. I like the ease of use. I like the options for ordering entries. I like the password protection. Now the frustrating part - I am frustrasted, as I am with most apps, with the lack of instructions. I am frustrated that when I try to bring up the bottom panel (with delete, new and italic/bold options) I often can't get to it. I am frustrated at not knowing where my entries are stored or if it is possible to recover deleted files. Sometimes I am more satisfied - others, more frustrated.


8 February 2015

This app is terrible. Seriously like the worst app I've ever downloaded.


5 January 2015

It doesn't do much, other than actually work. Highly recommended!!!!!


19 December 2014

It is a very easy to use journal. I have been using it every day since I downloaded it and it works great. There are not a whole lot of features but they aren't really needed in a text journal.


19 September 2014

Couldn't be simpler to use, secure, and rock-solid