Parables of Jesus Christ

Parables about God's infinite love, forgiveness, His kingdom, etc. Watch the youtube videos associated to the parables.

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26 December 2015

absolutely amazing. there is just one that that I would like to be able to do and that is to copy and paste it into one of my bible study note.


21 October 2015

the things going on in this world today is just explaining how the world going to end because mankind has turned away fromn GOD an he is not pleased cause he has give mankind all the riches of this world he gave a son that he loved an what did man do they stoned him they cursed him they put a crown of thorns on his head an most of all they said he was not the son of god but when judement they are going to find out when every nee shall bow an every confess that the son of GOD is who he said he is


11 March 2015

Food for my soul.


15 February 2015

I installed this app, but I can do nothing to access it, what am I doing wrong?


13 October 2014

Awesome app with parables aided by images


3 September 2014

Cannot zoom text.


16 May 2014

I enjoy having the parables listed out for me in a well organized manner. I have greatly enjoyed this app. The only problem I have found is that the Parable of the Hidden Treasure lists the Parable of the Pearl in error, thus the Parable of the Pearl is listed twice, while the Hidden Treasure is skipped. I recommend getting that fixed, but overall I am thankful for such an app as this.


17 November 2013

Simple, Clean, Easy to Read to little wee ones to children and even if you felt like a "BIG BABY" (Adult who is sick) you won't feel guilty reading this because it would make you feel better like your "Mommy" was there reading it to you so you could "feel better tomorrow". Cool App! It took me awhile to remember this APP's name to find it to snatch it! HANDY! A real K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) APP that doesn't hog up everything in sight!


25 October 2013

A very simple app containing easy to read parables from the new testament. Nothing fancy in the apps content. Ideal for reading to children. The artwork is nice and maybe room for expanding the possibilities of this app.