Paul McCartney

Do you often search in web for the Paul McCartney videos and fed up with having a good collection of it? Paul McCartney app features all the latest music videos that was released all time and wait, it actually does more than that! With the Paul McCartney app you can, # watch music videos in multi-resolutions with elegantly designed video player # image gallery with over 500 images # discover all the videos of Paul McCartney with latest updates


  • We update our app frequently on release of any latest music video
  • Attractive UI with lot of colors and yeah, choose what you like!
  • We put everthing at our home page and of course whatever the category you click it comes with you on next page! it's everything at once
  • Search across millions of videos until you get what you want
  • We show you the top five videos in your start screen, magic? no! that is live tiles
  • Background Audio capable, you can run app in Background, even in lock screen and can move next or previous with current playlist
  • What if something went wrong, our error monster will show you what happened through toast notifications
  • We'll indicate the type of video quality in our video player
  • Enjoy watching videos in snapped and filled views
  • Introducing favorites with which you can add and manage you favorite videos
  • Now you can remove advertisements by buying full version of our app through in-app purchase
  • Enjoy full screen when you buy full version i.e without ads
  • Download video and mp3 through our app on buying full version
  • Options for skipping to next and previous video
  • Automatically goes to next video on end of current video
  • We have some handy monsters to show you progress inside our app! please don't get scary! they are cool
  • Attracting loading animations

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1 February 2015

give it 4.5 stars. like the app because it groups all his songs which makes it easy to pick your favorites.


16 December 2014

You Just got to like the Guy!


14 September 2014



23 July 2014

Love it


17 July 2014

Great!!!!!! love love love this app, but I love Paul.......


10 June 2014

I love this App the music videos are great.


9 May 2014

Greatest songs Loved some of them


21 April 2014

These videos bring back the good olddays when music has meaning and feeling


28 February 2014

Having lost my sister of only 24 in 1976. I was so close to getting lost myself. Had it not been for PAUL McCartney & his music. Well just fill in the blanks!!!


4 February 2014

I love the app. Wish there were more videos on it though

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