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    New in Avenza Maps 2.0.2 (Avenza Maps 2.0 is only available on Windows 10) • Fixed an issue where some Map Store maps weren't loading correctly. • General fixes and updates

Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps Get the App. Get the Map.® Avenza Maps is a powerful, award-winning offline map viewer with a connected in-app Map Store to find, purchase and download professionally created maps for a wide variety of uses. Maps stored on your device and are always available even when not connected to the Internet. Maps don't need cellular coverage to be viewed so you can avoid data roaming charges when traveling. Carry maps around like books or music! Going hiking? Find an official park or topographic map. Navigate with only GPS (cellular data can be disabled), record your tracks, estimate travel times, and add placemarks and photos to share with others. Even more great features: • Show GPS position • Measure distances and areas • Overlay search engine results on any map for offline use • Handy map searching tools to find the map you need • Load your own Geospatial PDF, GeoPDF®, GeoTIFF and JPG maps from the file system, a URL, or QR code Thousands of free specialty maps available through the Map Store: • Camping and hiking including National Park Service maps and other regions of the world • Topographic use including USGS and Canadian Topographic maps and other regions of the world • Nautical and Marine navigation including NOAA and FAA charts for North America and other regions of the world • Maps for tourists, transit, travel, special events, historic and much more! Looking for a particular map? Want to be a vendor to sell maps? Contact us in the app and let us know. We are growing and adding more maps daily! Continued use of the GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Connect with us: http://www.facebook.com/avenzamaps http://www.twitter.com/avenzamaps http://www.instagram.com/avenzamaps http://www.avenzamaps.com


  • Read geospatial PDF, GeoTIFF, and GeoPDF® maps
  • Browse, preview and download free only professionally created maps from the Avenza Map Store, including 1:24,000 scale USGS topographic maps for the entire United States
  • Quickly view, zoom and pan maps using gestures (pinch, drag and flick, double tap)
  • View your location on a map using a device's built-in GPS
  • Plot placemarks, change pin colors, position and label names, enter attribute data and notes
  • Display coordinates in a number of systems including Lat/Long (WGS84), Lat/Long (Map Default), Northing/Easting, or Military Grid Reference System (MGRS)/United States National Grid (USNG)
  • Easily find the coordinates of any location in the map; including the ability to type in a coordinate to search.

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19 May 2016

I use this program extensively as an iOS app, and love it. I am not having good luck so far with the Windows version. The map I wanted to use took over an hour to load into the app even though it was already saved on this tablet. Now I can open it in Avenza, but it says I am not on the map. Which I definitely am, and I know the map is georeferenced as I have used it on other devices. Also, all of the icons have disappeared off of the map screen, so I cannot figure out how to load another map. This happened to me before and I had to delete the app and reload it.


20 September 2015

needs to have dropbox added


30 August 2015

The usgs topo maps are great. Looking forward to being able to buy maps too.


16 May 2015

I don't think they are very clear about what this app does. It downloads and displays existing pdfs of maps. The maps can be imported from another hard drive, or obtained through the map store. Many of the maps are free. For example, USGS topographical maps are free, as are state highway maps, and others. You can put down markers anywhere you want, with the coordinates listed. You can include a note with the marker as well. It is really a great program for map users.


25 March 2015

One of the few easy to use mapping programs. This is a great start for a Windows version of PDF Maps. Please continue upgrades and enhancements. I would like to see this work directly with the map store so I can download maps purchased with other devices (Android/iOS). Keep up the good work!