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    This update includes: * Clear and delete recent viewed documents * Annotations created with this update will print in Adobe Reader

PDF Touch

Read and annotate PDF documents just like using pen and paper. PDF Touch lets you highlight important items in documents and articles. Use your finger to add hand written notes. Markup mistakes in documents you review. Read PDF documents naturally on any Windows 8 device. Designed for tablets and PCs both, you can use your finger, mouse, keyboard, or all of them to review and take notes on top of documents. PDF Touch lets you save your annotations back to your PDF so you can share them and view them in other applications. Annotations are written in the PDF format to maximize compatibility with other PDF viewers.


  • Highlight text by just swiping your finger over text
  • Draw free hand with your finger, a mouse, or even a pen
  • Pin your most used documents to the Start Screen for easy access
  • Fast PDF viewing experience
  • Add all types of text markup like squiggly lines, strikethroughs, and underlines
  • Draw basic shapes
  • Save all annotations back to PDF to support maximal compatability
  • Print documents

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2 July 2015

DEFFINATELY NEEDS A MAGNIFIER!!! Elderly people NEED to magnify the pictures and the text!


18 April 2015

I downloaded this app because Reader alone doesn't have as many pen-writing options; however there's a big drawback- lacks such simple functions, even such as ctl+F or even mouse scrolling. NEEDS AN UPDATE, please!


29 January 2015

If I knew how to ask for a refund, I would. The sample annotation you see in the gallery? That must have taken 30 minutes to make. Did you make a mistake? Too bad, if you've already moved onto a another annotation, that undo option is gone. It's your only recourse if you need to make changes. There's no erase, select, drag, etc for annotations. This app doesn't offer a trial, because hoping you'll try it and forget it is only way to make money with this sub-par app.


2 January 2015

stylus freehand markup works relatively well, but its not accurate enough for handwriting. A text box tool like Adobe desktop has would make this much better.


28 December 2014

This is an okay app so far. Some issues I have include: no scrolling ability and the draw function is still buggy (every time you finish writing or drawing something, it morphs the finished product).


2 December 2014

Do not get this app whatever you do. It would not save anything I did easily the way it's supposed to. Terrible!!! Eventually it wouldn't even let me in a file I had saved and I had to start all over. Never get


3 October 2014

This app does nothing at all. I want a refund now.


16 September 2014

Good for highlighting small docs. Poor for large, it freezes up and you lose all your work! Maybe this is user error, but I tried to reach tech support - no phone number - no reply, so I can't say. Unable to search for key words. Unable to use as half screen because it shrinks too small and you cant adjust the size. Now looking for a better option in pdf reader.


19 August 2014

I am having trouble downloading this apps. What do you suggest?


8 August 2014

Where are the updates and fixes. When will this app will be more stable and compatible with windows 8.1

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