Perfect PDF

Perfect PDF Professional is a fast and user-friendly application for viewing and printing PDF and XPS files across platforms and devices. The application can comment on, convert, combine, digitally sign and encrypt your PDF files as well. The multiview (multiple files in own windows) possibility is on board now!


  • Quickly open PDF, XPS & OXPS files. Various viewer layouts, fit modes, zoom tools. Print documents with different layout options.
  • Navigate using links, bookmarks, outlines and/or semantic zoom, search text. Fill in PDF forms. Support of layers (optionally visible content).
  • Import XPS (OXPS), SVG, image and text files, scan or capture from webcam into PDF files.
  • Combine several PDF, XPS and other files into one PDF. Extract pages to PDF file, split multipage document to PDF files.
  • Shared comment review in PDF. Replies to comments are especially useful, if participants can read the comments of each other
  • Text markup tools (highlight, underline, strikeout, insert and replace text), pen and eraser tools (ink annotations).
  • Add / modify sticky notes, textboxes, stamps, watermarks and shape annotations (lines, arrows, boxes, etc).
  • Export from PDF to XPS (OXPS) or text files, export pages as image files. Convert PDF files to PDF/A files.
  • Manage (reorder, resize, delete) pages. Edit links, bookmarks and outlines. View / change document properties.
  • Decorate pages: add background or letterhead, header and footer, watermarks and stamps.
  • Validate signatures and digitally sign PDF files, add timestamps to the signatures.
  • Encryption / decryption of PDF files using AES/RC4 algorithms, set security properties and user permissions.

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13 January 2015

I tried to sign a pdf, which is a major requirement for me. It says "browse for certificate file". I don't have a certificate file. There is no option that tells you that you can't proceed if you don't have the cert file, so you have to assume that. There is no help function that will explain why you need a certificate file (i.e. *.pfx file) or how to get one. I googled it, and found some info on creating one with the makecert.exe app on windows. searched for it with windows 8.1 and came up empty. google searches yielded a complex process for generating a *.pfx file for digital signatures. spent 3 hrs, could not figure it out. Bottom line, I wasted a lot of time and could not get signatures to work. if you need digital signature, don't waste your time on this app. Update: I also can't get other basic functionality to work, including inserting text into a document and combining two documents into 1 pdf. Multiple emails to support with no response after 1 week.


29 December 2014

I tried them all including Drawboard PDF. This one is the best. Plus the price is perfect. I needed to re-arrange my pages and sign them. This app allow for this. At this time Drawboard would not allow me to re-arrange the pages. It's easy to use plus the page views where I can see all the pages at once like in Acrobat works perfect. Drawboard is lacking this also. Full 5 Stars! Great job! David Swanson


15 September 2014

Needed to combine 2 pdfs and move pages around... after combining the pdf's I then went to the combine function and it kept crashing. I saved the combined pdf and then re-opened it. Then it all worked well. Good product needs a little fine tuning. Would also be nice to have Undo function (it has erase for pen but undo is more intuitive) but worth the $2.99 to support the developer!


24 July 2014

It is great at combining documents into pdfs, but adding text, drawings, etc. is still buggy. I also can't figure out how to delete sticky notes and comments. I'm excited for updates and improvements. I'd love to have a better PDF reader/editor than the default windows 8 reader.


25 March 2014

This would be a great app. However, you can't actually go to the bookmarks.


8 March 2014

Fortunately, I downloaded the TRIAL version. I'd hate to pay for a perfect program only to find that it didn't print. When you add a PRINT function to your program, I might be VERY interested, so let me know when you do. John


5 March 2014

Perfect PDF has a lot of great features and should be a no-brainer replacement for the Microsoft Reader app or the Adobe Reader Touch app... EXCEPT... I've run into some small quirks that I hope can be addressed. For example: The app crashes when trying to use "fillable" PDFs. The rendering has been a bit buggy too. A PDF file that looks fine when viewed in other apps, showed up with "smudged" text at the right margin. If Soft Xpansion proves responsive to feedback and addresses some of these bug issues, this will be the best and most full-featured PDF and XPS app in the Windows Store. Fingers crossed...


2 February 2014

I've tried to use this a few times and have not had any luck. Can't add comments. Frequently crashes when trying to fill in forms. Not worth the purchase.


31 December 2013

I loved this app to pieces til right now. I need to print a pdf to my printer on paper and there is no discoverable way to do this. Where is the@#^& print button?


14 December 2013

I've been playing with this authoring software and I have been genuinely impressed by the wealth of tools for an RT application but I think the PDF rendering needs to be faster and the app also needs an alternative color scheme (orange is definitely not my favorite color). It is only fair to say that I work primarily with large PDF files, drawings created in BIM software and large building Code documents printed in PDF format so my review is based on these experiences. I am going to continue to use it for the trial period and will update my review after more use with it, including how Bluebeam and Adobe Acrobat handle this program's annotations. One other thing, I am testing this app on a Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet with no other apps open.

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