Periodic Table Accessible

A basic periodic table with full accessibility functions! This periodic table is intended for all students, not for those needing accessible functions. This periodic table is perfect for testing scenarios as no major information is given away other than what would be found on a basic periodic table. (Origin, melting point, & boil point are extras but won't ruin a test or quiz.) Turn on Screen Reader and drag your finger across to have the elements read. Wait at one element to hear additional information like atomic number and atomic mass. You can move left or up to discover the current period or group number (useful for calculating valence electrons). Change element names to atomic masses using the app bar button. (Swipe up or down to see it.) Snap the table to the left or right to see an alphabetized list sorted by element symbol. Please contact the developer if you have any recommendations, suggestions, or questions.


  • Accessible for vision-impaired
  • One screen has all the info you need