Pet Zoometery

“It'll take a while for Pet Zoometery to truly develop, but it's a quite charming twist on the typical city building concept” - “This is a wicked cute little game, i really am lovin it.” - Jesse Neilson “For people who love zombies and also love taking care of animals definitely a AMAZING game can't stop playing it !!!!!!!!” - Creepy Creatures Girl King Rhino needs your help! Your job is to help King Rhino build a safe haven for the community of Zoombies. Build your sanctuary and collect over 100 unique cuddly, brain-eating zombie creatures! Train them to teach them tricks, breed them to build families, and even cross-breed them to create dozens of brand-new, never-seen-before animals!


  • Over 100 unique and cuddly Zoombies to collect and train!
  • Decorate your park, build farms, and hire staff!
  • Mutation Chamber to create new species!
  • Endless hours of gameplay!
  • Family-friendly!
  • Fully localized in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Chinese (Simplified), Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish

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23 July 2016

love it but there is a glitch if you collect coins rapidly you earn like 600,000 coins


19 June 2016

I freaking love this game its so much fun but the purchases don't give you the stuff they are supposted to give you but from apart thst its a good game


10 April 2016

fun fun


24 January 2016

Basically, you buy zombies, mutate them, and place them.


29 December 2015

I would give it 5 stars but the babies should sleep just like the older one it's weird to have eyes scaring at me when the other zombies are sleeping!😢😢😣😐😒😖😔😞😢😢I really <3 this app!(;


12 August 2015

How do I reset my zoo cemetery game.


10 August 2015

Great game, don't get me wrong, but i have played as far as i can play. This game desperately needs an update. And maybe a hint guide. There are certain "missions" I can't finish and zoombies I can't create because I can't get the required animals like the porcupine. Please update!


12 July 2015

This game could be so much better. I mean it's a zombie zoo!! If only the the Devs would show more respect to the game and us gamers. Bought three packs for the Brains. King Rhino's Bounty, the $1.99 pack of Brains, and the $9.99 pack of Brains. It's been almost 2 wks since the first purchase and still nothing. I'm being charged this money, Devs, where's my stuff??


7 June 2015

I bought the brains and a brain coin pack, both times I never received what was paid for. either give me what was purchased or Ill report this to my bank as fraud


20 May 2015

I bout 20$ worth of brains and did not receive them on my brain account, as dumb as it sounds! I want my Brains please!

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