Photo Editor 9.0

** Photo Editor 9.0 is an app that can add a tinch of creativity, adventure and thrill to your static photographs. ** Photo Editor 9.0 provides unique effects like pixelate effects , border effects, 2 in 1 effects that makes a photo look different. At the same time this app provides simple yet elegant user interface. ** Multiple Effects are supported in Photo Editor 9.0 you can combine multiple effects one top of other like you can apply sketch first then tinch it with green color or pixelate and ...bam ...a new effect generated to be applied. Theoretically there are infinite number of combination to choose from. Have you tried them all??? ** There are more than 30 different effects to choose from 1. Black And White 2. Sepia 3. Sketch 4. Inverted Sketch 5. Art Paint 6. Western 7. Sepia 8. Old Glare 9. Green Tinch 10. Red Tinch 11. Light Green Tinch 12. Light Red Tinch 13. Yellow Tinch 14. Light Blue Tinch 15. Center Color 16. Red Border 17. Green Border 18. Blue Border 19. Pixelate Red 20. Pixelate Green 21. Pixelate Blue 22. Pixelate Color 23. Pixelate White 24. Blur 25. Sharpen 26. Mean Removal Sharpen 27. Emboss 28. Emboss Subtle 29. Edge Detect 1 30. Edge Detect 2 31. Preserve Blue 32. Preserve Green 33. Preserve Red ** Effects are applied to the thumbnail images, for effect viewing, this way the user gets a better idea of the effect. ** Undo and Redo Functionality supported ** Slider Filters for brightness, saturation, hue and temperature ** Preserves image Resolution while saving image ** Blending effect supported


  • Blending
  • Photo Effects
  • Slider Effects
  • Preserves resolution on saving
  • Simple yet elegant User interface