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Photo Retouching & Adjustments Course for Photoshop CC

Learn to retouch and apply image adjustments to your photos with this 40 tutorial course! Taking photos is just the first step in the photographer's craft. Transform and enhance your photos into photographic masterpieces in this Photoshop CC course by expert Dan Moughamian. To start, this course provides a quick foundation for those photographers newer to Photoshop. Once the basics are down, Dan guides you through a series of valuable, time-tested techniques for enhancing your pictures. You learn popular techniques for rapidly selecting specific areas of a photo, so you can precisely improve the colors, contrast and details in your favorite shots. You also get a primer on alpha channels and when to use this scary-sounding (but actually quite friendly) option for protecting specific regions of your pictures when applying effects. Need to get rid of distracting elements in the frame? No problem! Learn how to replace textures in nature and even remove objects without leaving a trace, using the powerful Content-Aware tools and options. Dan also shows you his techniques to sharpen fine details with the amazingly powerful (and fast!) Smart Sharpen Filter, now updated for Photoshop CC. Go beyond basic retouching as you learn how to apply the power of Blend Modes to your photographic process. Improve contrast in the brightest and darkest areas of the photo, without sacrificing detail. Should you use the Multiply mode or the Overlay mode? This course explains both (as well as other modes), and shows you when and why to use them. Best of all you get the full scoop on the latest Photoshop tech, including the Camera Raw Filter, the brand new Shake Reduction Filter, and a powerful new 32-bit HDR processing workflow. You even learn how to stitch and seamlessly blend multiple photos together, to create panoramic images with just a few minutes of effort! Whether you need to remove distracting elements from your pictures in a realistic way, perfect your colors with tools that go beyond the traditional Photoshop Image Adjustments, or apply more advanced techniques to multiple exposures at the same time, Photo Retouching and Adjustment with Photoshop CC covers the right techniques to help your photos be the best that they can be! Table of Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Quick Setup: Preferences 3. Quick Setup: Custom Shortcuts 4. Quick Setup: Custom Menus 5. Changing Image Size 6. Adding a Border with Canvas Size 7. Crop & Straighten 8. Transform Crop 9. Brightening Details with the Dodge Tool 10. Darkening Details with the Burn Tool 11. When to Use the Sharpen Tool 12. Improved Smart Sharpen - Part 1 13. Improved Smart Sharpen - Part 2 14. Contrast Selections (Quick Selection Tool) 15. Color Selections (Color Range Command) 16. Selecting Shapes (Polygon Lasso) 17. Layer Masks & Mask Edge (with Color Balance demo) 18. Creating Alpha Channels (with Liquify Demo) 19. Replacing Textures in Nature: Content-Aware Patch 20. Removing Spots and Small Objects: Content-Aware Spot Heal 21. Isolating Changes with Clipping Layers 22. Making Edits more Subtle with Fade Command 23. Painting Back Original Pixels with the History Brush 24. Blend Mode: Enhancing Contrast with Multiply (Dark Details) 25. Blend Mode: Enhancing Contrast with Screen (Bright Details) 26. Blend Mode: Enhancing Global Contrast with Overlay 27. Blend Mode: Enhancing Color Accents with Vivid Light 28. Blend Mode: Enhancing Local Contrast with Soft Light 29. Enhancing Contrast with Targeted Curves 30. Enhancing Tonal Range with Shadows/Highlights 31. Fine-tuning Hues with Replace Color 32. Camera Raw Filter: Perfecting Color with HSL 33. Camera Raw Filter: Enhancing Detail with the Radial Filter 34. 32-bit HDR - Part 1 - Merge to HDR Pro 35. 32-bit HDR - Part 2 - ACR Tone Mapping 36. Creating Panoramic Shots with PhotoMerge - Part 1 37. Creating Panoramic Shots with PhotoMerge - Part 2 38. Shake Reduction Filter - Part 1 39. Shake Reduction Filter - Part 2 40. Closing * Adobe and Photoshop are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.


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