Photo Sketch

This is a photo sketch App, it quickly converts any photo into a sketch draw


  • Convert Photo into Sketch

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15 December 2015

It won't retrieve pics and crashes.


17 July 2015

will make a very light sketch of pics, but does not allow adjustments. every time you try to sample, it makes pic lighter and lighter until it is gone. Also applies this to all subsequent pics, forcing you to close and restart app between pics


2 May 2014



2 March 2014

It opens with a screen "Picture Library" then sits there with boxes of months and years. Nothing happens. Can't access my pictures or any other folder.


24 January 2014

I think its good my opinion I'd fix the way it holds your photos for example don't do it by date maybe keep that but have the option to change the set up if that makes any since. Also change the way it sketches it, each time I would change the level It would get lighter everytime :/ but not darker if you wanted it to


28 February 2013

Running on Surface RT. Loaded picture fine, but crashed as soon as it was processing the sketch effect. Fix this please


22 February 2013

Do I have too many photos? Never can get to the app. It just loads the Picture Library and stops.


13 November 2012

I like what this app COULD do... But it doesn't seem to be done. I can't load photos from any location but my picture library. Also, you can't save the photo once it turns it into a sketch.


8 November 2012

Needs ability to view photos app. Will rate higher when fixed.


12 October 2012

Great App