Shoot enthusiastically, cull mercilessly, and crop creatively. Photo Culler’s elegant and powerful touch-first full-screen design helps you rapidly craft a stunning photo collection by adroitly culling and cropping your raw shots, and carefully assessing the results. With Photo Culler you can work directly with photos in your camera, selecting, processing, and then uploading the finished product. Or you can process photos that are already in your computer or tablet. Photo Culler retains information about the decisions you make as you work with your photos, but it doesn’t create any image files until you ask it to save your output. And there’s no need to complete the job in one session; later you can pick up from where you left off, saving the results only when you’re ready. Photo Culler is comprised of four task-focused pages. You can move from any one to any other at any time using buttons on the App bar: 1. Use the Workbench to cull, rotate, crop, and sort your photos. Also put aside extra copies for a variety of special purposes such as producing prints or emailing to friends. 2. Use the Slideshow for a full-screen review of the results. Here you can fine-tune your culling and cropping. 3. On the Folders page you process any copies you’ve put aside, cropping and resizing them to fit the purpose. 4. The Input & Output page is where you select the input photos, and also where you save the results of your work. A 5-minute video guide helps you quickly become proficient. The free trial version is identical to the full version except that the image file save function is not available. Constraints: Maximum of 1000 photos at a time. .JPG or .JPEG files only.


  • Cull, crop, rotate and sort
  • Fine-tune within a slideshow
  • Select, crop and resize extra copies for special purposes
  • Save results where and when you want
  • 5-minute video guide