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    update 9/29/2015 Added Search back in, small UI tweaks update 4/5/2015 Update to 500px to show higher resolution photos 9/30/2014 flickr service bug fix 9/9/2014 2.0 - new ui - updated for windows 8.1 1/30 -Fixed bug where cancelling an instagram login crashed the app. - NEW Get photos from users by either searching or clicking on their username ( supported on Flickr, instagram and partially on Panoramio ) - NEW Sidebar snap view which works similarly to the bing app, click a photo and it opens beside the app in the default browser - NEW 500px keyword search - NEW Golden hour (sunset / sunrise) info for your area and notifications - UI Tweaks, enhancements & refinements - Improved help dialog - Added swipe gesture to photo viewer for touch users - Added additional mouse button navigation - Performance optimization for Surface RT - Fixed a bug where it would randomly return 0 results - Fixed a bug where keyboard navigation did not work in fullscreen mode - Fixed a bug where Faved photos did not store for some users update 1.7.2013 - Added Date to photos ( note: previously faved photos might not show a date) - Live tile support for your favs (requires at least 4 favs) - Added additional keyboard navigation ( up / down / spacebar when viewing photos) - Added notification visual when an api fails (most noticable on instagram) - Adjusted the flickr api call for accuracy - minor visual tweaks - bug fixes


Explore a world of geotagged photography with PhotoWhirl. We pull in photos from all of your favorite services such as Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and 500px. If you're a photographer or adventurer this is a great way to get inspired and find hidden gems. This product uses APIs from 500px, Instagram, Flickr, Panoramio and Google Places but is not endorsed or certified by these companies. All photos are copyrighted by their respected owners.


  • Locate geotagged photos from Flickr, Instagram, Panoramio and 500px!
  • Automatically sync your favorite finds across all of your Windows 8 devices!
  • Photographer location scouting.

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11 July 2016

Loved it


30 March 2015

Need more clean features.


8 January 2015

I loved it the first couple of times I used it. Now it crashes every time I try to open it. I have reinstalled it and tried it on different machines and it still does not work.


7 January 2015

It worked fine up until a week ago, but now it force closes every time I open. I reinstalled, same problem. Microsoft should be more strict with their app store.


22 October 2014

New features added every few weeks, great for scouting photo locations. I haven't experienced any crashes.


12 October 2014

Why did they take the picture locations off of the maps? Now you get them sometimes, others not.


25 September 2014



8 April 2014

Really impressive piece of app, would be great if it used Google map instead of crappy Bing map (Very bad for Local areas/small countries).


7 April 2014



17 March 2014

asik seperti map dan praktis lihat tempat faporit

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